Gretchen Rossi Net Worth: How She Earned Her $4 Million

June 22, 2024

Gretchen Rossi, a well-known reality TV star, has gained considerable fame and financial success over the years. Her net worth stands at an impressive $4 million, bolstered by her substantial salary of $375,000 per season on "The Real Housewives of Orange County" (RHOC).

Early Life and Career Beginnings

Gretchen Rossi was born and raised in California. She attended Baylor University and initially worked as a real estate agent. Rossi’s life took a dramatic turn when she started caring for her then-partner, Jeff Beitzel, who was battling leukemia.

Rise to Fame

Reality TV Stardom

Rossi rose to fame through her participation in RHOC, where she quickly became a household name. Her presence on the show opened up opportunities for various other reality TV appearances, cementing her status as a reality TV star.

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Gretchen’s personal life has been a significant aspect of her public persona. She was married to Chris Rossi and later engaged to Jeff Beitzel until his untimely death. She is currently in a relationship with fellow reality TV star Slade Smiley, and the duo shares a child together.

Entrepreneurship and Philanthropy

Apart from her television career, Rossi is also a successful entrepreneur. She launched the Gretchen Christine Collection and a swimwear line, both contributing to her income. Moreover, she has leveraged her social media following for lucrative endorsements and partnerships.


Rossi’s journey has not been without controversies. Allegations of affairs while engaged to Jeff Beitzel caused friction with his ex-wives. These controversies have often been a focal point in media coverage of her life.

Financial Standing

Inheritance and Earnings

Gretchen inherited $2.5 million from Jeff Beitzel. Additionally, she earned $300,000 per season on RHOC, further contributing to her substantial net worth.

Projections and Investments

With a keen eye for investment, Rossi has made profitable real estate ventures. Her luxurious home in Costa Mesa, California, is one such example. Experts project her net worth to remain around $4 million by 2024, showcasing her financial stability.

Life with Slade Smiley

Slade Smiley, another notable figure from RHOC, has an estimated net worth of $500,000. His early life saw him in Anchorage, Alaska, and pursuing sports medicine before reality TV stardom. His career also includes professional cycling, modeling, and founding a production company.

Personal Challenges

Slade’s personal life has faced its share of challenges, including losing his home to foreclosure in 2008 and issues with unpaid child support. The couple faced a tragic loss with the passing of Slade’s son, Grayson, in 2023.

Real Housewives of Orange County – Net Worth Rankings

The wealth rankings of RHOC cast members reveal some surprising insights. Heather Dubrow tops the list with an estimated net worth of $30 million, mainly from her acting career and business ventures. Following are Lydia McLaughlin at $15 million, Shannon Beador and Lauri Peterson tied at $20 million, and Lizzie Rovsek at $25 million. Former cast members like Jo De La Rosa and Tammy Knickerbocker have lower net worth estimates owing to their shorter tenure on the show and varied career paths.

Net Worth Rankings of RHOC Cast Members
Rank Cast Member Estimated Net Worth Main Sources of Income
1 Heather Dubrow $30 million Acting career, Business ventures
2 Lizzie Rovsek $25 million Business ventures
3 Shannon Beador $20 million Television, Business ventures
3 Lauri Peterson $20 million Television, Business ventures
5 Lydia McLaughlin $15 million Business ventures
6 Gretchen Rossi $4 million Television, Business ventures, Real estate
7 Jo De La Rosa Moderate Television, Music career
8 Tammy Knickerbocker Moderate Television, Various career paths

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