How Often Should You Have Your Windows Cleaned? A Seasonal Guide

June 29, 2024

Maintaining clean windows not only enhances the aesthetic appeal of your home but also allows more natural light to enter and can extend the life of your windows. The frequency of window cleaning can depend on various factors, including your location, the climate, and your personal preferences. Here’s a seasonal guide to help you determine how often you should clean your windows for optimal results.


Why Spring Cleaning is Important: Spring is an ideal time for window cleaning as it follows the harsh winter months, during which windows can accumulate dirt, grime, and salt residues. Cleaning your windows in the spring removes these buildups and prepares your home for the warmer months.

Recommended Frequency:

  • Residential Windows: Once in the spring. A thorough cleaning after winter ensures that all residues are removed.
  • Commercial Windows: Twice in the spring, especially for storefronts and offices. High traffic and visibility demand more frequent cleaning.

Tips for Spring Cleaning:

  • Use a mixture of water and mild detergent to remove stubborn winter residues.
  • Check for and repair any damage or wear to window seals and frames caused by winter weather.


Why Summer Cleaning is Important: Summer brings longer days and more sunshine, making clean windows even more essential. Pollen, dust, and insect marks can accumulate on windows during this season.

Recommended Frequency:

  • Residential Windows: Once in the summer. Mid-season cleaning helps maintain clarity and cleanliness.
  • Commercial Windows: Once a month. Increased outdoor activities and higher foot traffic can lead to more dirt and smudges.

Tips for Summer Cleaning:

  • Clean windows early in the morning or late in the evening to avoid streaks caused by the sun drying the cleaning solution too quickly.
  • Use a squeegee for a streak-free finish.


Why Fall Cleaning is Important: Fall is the time to prepare your home for the winter months. Falling leaves, rain, and debris can dirty your windows, making a good cleaning essential before the cold weather sets in.

Recommended Frequency:

  • Residential Windows: Once in the fall. Cleaning after the leaves have fallen ensures windows are clear for the winter.
  • Commercial Windows: Twice in the fall. With the changing weather, more frequent cleaning helps maintain a professional appearance.

Tips for Fall Cleaning:

  • Remove screens and clean them separately to prevent the buildup of dirt and debris.
  • Inspect for and clean any mildew or mold that might have developed during the humid summer months.


Why Winter Cleaning is Important: Winter window cleaning can be challenging due to cold temperatures and potential snow. However, maintaining clean windows can help maximize the limited daylight and improve indoor comfort.

Recommended Frequency:

  • Residential Windows: Once in the winter. A mid-winter cleaning can help remove any accumulated grime from winter storms.
  • Commercial Windows: Monthly. Regular cleaning is important to maintain a clear view and welcoming appearance.

Tips for Winter Cleaning:

  • Choose a mild, sunny day to clean windows to avoid dealing with freezing temperatures.
  • Use cold water to prevent the cleaning solution from freezing on the windows.

Additional Considerations


  • Urban Areas: Windows may require more frequent cleaning due to pollution and traffic dust.
  • Coastal Areas: Salt air can quickly dirty windows, necessitating more frequent cleaning.

Personal Preferences:

  • Homes with large windows or extensive glass surfaces might require more frequent cleaning to maintain aesthetics.
  • If you have allergies, more frequent window cleaning can help reduce the amount of pollen and allergens entering your home.

Special Events:

  • Before and after hosting special events or gatherings, it’s a good idea to clean your windows to make a positive impression on guests.


The frequency of window cleaning varies depending on the season, location, and personal preferences. By following this seasonal guide, you can ensure that your windows remain clean, enhancing both the appearance and comfort of your home or business. Regular maintenance not only keeps your windows looking their best but also helps to prolong their lifespan and improve indoor air quality.

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