Is Koreatown LA Safe?

June 30, 2024

Is Koreatown LA Safe?

The short answer? Sure. The long answer…it depends what your definition of safe is. Like all major cities, crime and homelessness is just a way of life. It doesn’t necessarily make a place unsafe, depending on what your comfort level is.

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According to, a crime occurs every 41 minutes in Koreatown, although the level of that crime statistic is not defined. They also state that Koreatown is in the 14th percentile for safety. Meaning that 86% of Los Angeles neighborhoods are safer than K-Town, while 14% of neighborhoods are more dangerous than K-Town. The website also shows that the yearly murder rate is 0.0563 per every 1,000 residents. Generally, the south part of town tends to be the safest statistic wise. 

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While statistics are helpful, they leave your all around comfort zone up to interpretation. Common sense plays a big part in feeling safe. For example, I am a white 36 year old female that has lived in Koreatown for almost 8 years. Prior to moving here, I lived in Boston for many years. Both cities have high crime statistics, and both cities I have felt completely safe in. 


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According to the crime statistic map on, I live in the red (high crime) part of K-Town. I also don’t have a car and rely on public transit to get to work and run errands. Which means I’m out walking, a lot. Yes, we have a homeless population and numerous tents. No, I have never felt threatened when walking by one.


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I walk to dinner at night ( although to be fair, I don’t usually walk alone to dinner), I also go on walks or jogs in the mornings, sometimes as early as 5am when it's still dark out. Koreatown is a vibrant, very walkable city neighborhood in Los Angeles. Which means whenever I am out walking, whether it’s a morning job, an afternoon coffee, or a nighttime bar crawl, I am never alone. For my comfort level, this makes me feel safe. For others, that tidbit may not mean much compared to statistics.

Koreatown has a walk score of 93, so if you’re looking to move to Los Angeles from another city which is much better with public transportation, like I was, K-Town is a great option. Coming from Boston where public transportation is super accessible, and you can get around anywhere without a car, I was nervous to move to Los Angeles. I heard horror stories about the traffic, and living years in Boston without driving, my city driving skills were not great. Koreatown is right on the metro red and purple lines, with multiple stops. There are also multiple bus lines. True, much of Los Angeles isn’t great on public transit so driving or taking an uber may still be necessary. However, for many places, public transit in this part of LA is fine. 

I am able to get to work ( in Beverly Hills) with just a 6 minute walk to the bus and a 25 minute bus ride straight down Wilshire Blvd. I can also get to the beach on that same bus just a little bit further down the road in Santa Monica. I am also just a few blocks away from the metro that I can get into downtown and also Hollywood in just a few subway stops. All in all, Koreatown is a fairly safe city to live in, you just have to be aware of your surroundings and be smart. Much like any city really. Oh, and we also have the best food in all of LA, so don’t be afraid to come on by!

How do you feel about Koreatown?

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