Key Broke and Stuck in Lock: A Locksmith's Perspective

June 20, 2024

Is your key stuck or broken? A locksmith can be the best solution when looking for solutions. Solve all your security needs. Reach out to SW Locksmith whenever there’s an issue and you will get the best “key broke and stuck in lock” solution.

How To Solve Your Issue

It can be annoying when a key breaks off. If it becomes trapped in a lock, you can solve your issue with a professional locksmith in minutes. This problem can ruin your day and your safety can be in danger.

From the standpoint of a locksmith, solving this issue calls for a blend of specialized equipment, skillful methods, and in-depth knowledge of various lock mechanisms. An in-depth examination of how qualified locksmiths respond to broken keys stuck in locks can be found here.

Common Causes of a Broken Key

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  • Metal Fatigue: The metal in keys can corrode over time, particularly if they are used frequently or are composed of inferior materials.
  • Excessive Force: If the lock is broken or old, turning the key with too much force may result in the key snapping.
  • Misalignment: Damaged locks may lead to keys turning in the wrong direction, which could break them.
  • Obstruction: Debris or dirt trapped inside the lock can create resistance. This increases the likelihood that the lock will break and makes turning the key more difficult.

Steps to Take Immediate

If your broken key gets stuck in a lock, a locksmith would be the best bet. Here are a few steps you can take when your key is stuck in the lock.

  • You have to avoid using force. Using force to take the broken key out could make the extraction more difficult.
  • Consult an Expert: Seek advice from a licenced locksmith who can extract the broken key safely and determine whether the lock has been damaged.

Locksmith Techniques for Extracting a Broken Key

Using Key Extractor Tools: To grasp and extract the broken key from the lock cylinder, locksmiths employ specialized tools. To fit different kinds of locks and key fragments, these tools are available in a range of sizes and shapes.

Tweezers and Needle-Nose Pliers: Locksmiths may use fine-tipped tweezers or needle-nose pliers to carefully extract the broken piece from keys that are partially exposed from the lock.

Lubrication: Putting on a lock lubricant will help lower resistance and facilitate the removal of the broken key fragment. For this, silicon-based lubricants or powdered graphite are frequently utilized.

Tapping Technique: In some cases, tapping the lock gently while trying to extract the key may be able to loosen the damaged part. Exactness is necessary with this technique to prevent further harm to the lock.

Disassembling The Lock: A locksmith may need to disassemble the lock. He will have to do it in order to extract the broken key whenever that’s possible. So, if it is firmly stuck or if other attempts have failed, he will let you know what are your options. This procedure involves disassembling the lock and manually extracting the fragment. Also, they will be reassembling the lock, and testing it to make sure it works as intended.

Choosing a Professional Locksmith

When dealing with a key broke and stuck in lock it’s better to choose the best professional. Here are a few details you should consider when choosing a profession:

  • Check Credentials: Make sure the locksmith has insurance and a license.
  • Examine Reviews: Seek feedback and endorsements from prior customers.
  • Request an Estimate: To prevent any unexpected costs, ask for a detailed estimate before any work is done.
  • Emergency Services: For quick assistance, choose locksmiths who provide emergency services around-the-clock.


A broken key stuck in a lock is a common and annoying issue. It requires expert repair and good labor work. Expert locksmiths will fix locks and remove broken keys quickly. They will be prepared with a variety of tools on the spot.

Regular maintenance is the key. Taking preventive measures can help to avoid such situations in the future. Therefore, you should always trust a reputable locksmith to handle lock repair and key extraction for your security and peace of mind.


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