Patrick Ewing Net Worth: Basketball Icons Journey to $75 Million

June 15, 2024

Patrick Ewing, with a net worth of approximately $75 million, has had an illustrious career in basketball and beyond, amassing his earnings primarily from his NBA career where he made $125 million in salary. Born in Kingston, Jamaica, Ewing moved to the United States and excelled at basketball during high school in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

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College Career and NBA Beginnings

Patrick Ewing's remarkable journey in basketball began at Georgetown University, where he achieved great success, including winning an NCAA Championship in the 1983-84 season. Known for his defensive prowess and leadership on the court, Ewing was the first overall pick in the 1985 NBA Draft by the New York Knicks.

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Professional Career with the New York Knicks

Ewing spent the majority of his career with the New York Knicks, becoming one of the premier centers in the league. Throughout his time with the Knicks, he earned 11 NBA All-Star selections and was named to seven All-NBA teams. Despite his individual success, Ewing and the Knicks fell short in their quest for an NBA Championship, notably losing in the NBA Finals in 1994 to the Houston Rockets.

Later Years and Transition to Coaching

After his stint with the Knicks, Ewing played for the Seattle SuperSonics and the Orlando Magic before retiring in 2002. Post-retirement, he smoothly transitioned into coaching, holding assistant coaching positions with the Washington Wizards, Houston Rockets, Orlando Magic, and Charlotte Bobcats (now Hornets). In 2017, he returned to Georgetown University as the head coach of the Georgetown Hoyas.

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Olympic Success and Other Ventures

Patrick Ewing's basketball prowess was not limited to the NBA. He played a significant role for Team USA, winning gold medals in the 1984 and 1992 Olympics, the latter as part of the famed "Dream Team." Off the court, Ewing was involved in endorsements, notably with Adidas, and launched his own brand, Ewing Athletics, in the 1990s.

Personal Life and Media Appearances

Ewing's personal life includes a marriage to Rita Williams and three children. He has also made several media appearances in movies such as "Space Jam" and various television sitcoms. Ewing's dedication and influence extend beyond basketball, with notable philanthropic efforts supporting education and community initiatives.

Legacy and Impact on Basketball

Patrick Ewing's legacy in basketball is profound. He is regarded as one of the greatest centers in NBA history and holds significant records with the New York Knicks. His impact on the game, both as a player and a coach, continues to inspire future generations of athletes and basketball enthusiasts.

Category Details
Net Worth $75 million
NBA Career Earnings $125 million
Birthplace Kingston, Jamaica
High School Cambridge, Massachusetts
College Georgetown University
NCAA Championship 1983-84 season
NBA Draft 1985, 1st overall pick
Main NBA Team New York Knicks
NBA All-Star Selections 11 times
All-NBA Teams Seven times
Later NBA Teams Seattle SuperSonics, Orlando Magic
Retirement 2002
Coaching Roles Various assistant positions, head coach at Georgetown University
Olympic Gold Medals 1984, 1992
Endorsements Adidas, Ewing Athletics
Family Married to Rita Williams, three children
Media Appearances "Space Jam", various TV sitcoms
Philanthropy Supports education and community initiatives
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