Planning Celebrity-Style Wedding Events

June 18, 2024



It’s all good to admire celebrities and draw inspiration from them for your wedding events, but there is one point where the inspiration begins to hurt — the budget!

Planning a bridal shower or wedding event that echoes the glamour of celebrity weddings might seem daunting. Still, with creativity and smart budgeting, you can achieve a stunning event without breaking the bank.

Here are some ways to recreate your favorite celebrity interiors on a non-celebrity budget so you can have the bridal shower of your dreams!

1. Select an elegant venue

Celebrities often choose lavish venues with freshly trimmed hedges and rich history (that come with a rich price tag to match).

You can achieve a similar effect by selecting a location with character and charm. This will give you the same feeling but with less of an impact on your budget.

Instead of visiting centuries-old castles, consider renting a historical home or a local garden. These venues will have similar beauty to their architecture and landscaping but will save you money.

Photo by Vitor Monthay on Unsplash

2. Look for stylish decor on a dime

One of the good things about some of our favorite celebrities, Kim K, for example, is that they love simplicity. You can easily draw inspiration from celebrity weddings where elegant simplicity is key.

Use a white and metallic color scheme for an elegant and timeless look that mirrors this simplicity. For the decor itself, look for chic items at discount stores, thrift shops, and even online marketplaces to find good deals that no one will realize were a steal!

3. Floral arrangements

We might all dream of hundreds of roses decorating every bridal event we can imagine, but floral arrangements can quickly become expensive. Luckily, with some DIY skills, you can create stunning displays from natural flowers or artificial options.

To save money, choose flowers in season and buy in bulk from a local flower market. Consider mixing fresh flowers with high-quality artificial ones to stretch your budget further.

With these handy tricks, your guests will think you took a Valentine's bouquet off Kylie K herself!

4. Pay attention to the fine details

One key aspect of planning wedding events like a celebrity is paying attention to the details. You don’t have to spend massive amounts of hard-earned money on the little things, but you should make sure not to overlook them in the planning stage.

Rent luxurious-looking linens and elegant table settings from a party supply store to elevate the event. This way, you can have high-quality party goods at a fraction of the cost of purchasing them new (and you don’t have to think about disposing of them afterward).

Photo by Chasse Sauvage on Unsplash

5. The question of catering

One thing you can’t overlook in planning your wedding events is the cost of catering, even if you aren’t going for the biggest celebrity chef.

You can achieve a similar effect with more thoughtful menu planning, instead choosing elegant finger foods, a beautiful dessert table, or a brunch spread that looks sophisticated but is affordable.

Presentation is key, so make sure to use tiered trays, decorative platters, and pretty garnishes to make the food look as impressive as it tastes.

6. Photography fit for a magazine cover

Capture the moments with a professional photographer, but if that's out of budget, consider hiring a photography student or an amateur with a good eye for detail.

The quality of the photos doesn’t have to be a determining factor in determining how good the day was, so don’t let it get you down — especially not when you can put disposable cameras on the table and see the wedding through the eyes of your guests.

Budget luxury incoming

By focusing on these elements, you can ensure that all of your wedding events, be it a bridal shower, bachelor or bachelorette party, or the wedding itself, feel as luxurious and glamorous as celebrity weddings.

Remember, the thoughtful details and personal touches will truly make the event feel special.


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