Posture Alert: Applying Ergonomics For Work Or Study

June 5, 2024

Problems with the spine, rigid shoulders, and neck discomfort, fatigue and tension headaches by 5:00 PM are issues that affect the average office employee across the planet.

These issues are directly attributed to the work habits that range from staring at the computer screen for hours on end, cradling mobile devices between the neck and shoulders for long periods of time, all the way to slouching for hours and using tools such as keyboards and pointing devices that are not designed to be used for long periods of time.

These issues are physical medical conditions that can be easily avoided by applying proper ergonomics into the daily routine that employees perform daily.

The science behind ergonomics basically revolves around fitting the mechanics of job to an individual and by job, what is meant here is that the job are basically tasks at the workplace or home. This article will mainly focus on improving an individual’s posture through the application of ergonomics for most of the regular tasks that most of us performed on a regular basis during or after work.

Reading, writing, working with a computer or even sitting down for long hours are tasks and believe it or not, sitting is among the most underrated activity that we perform daily that impacts our physical being in a very big way and yet still goes unnoticed.

First and foremost, it is important to understand that when we do something repetitively using our limbs will have an impact on those limbs if proper precautions are not taken to reduce wear and tear of ligaments, nerves and muscles.

For example, office employees will be able to reduce strain and injury possibilities in the long run by simply using an ergonomic keyboard and mouse as these devices significantly reduce strain on the wrists and arms which is crucial towards preventing injuries which among other include carpal tunnel syndrome which affects a significant percentage of people who work with computers for the most of the day.

These devices are designed specifically to reduce strenuous and awkward hand and wrist positioning that often leads to pain and discomfort after some time. A more serious issue that causes various issues with the back, shoulders and neck due to sitting down on badly designed office chairs for long hours can also be easily avoided by using a proper well designed ergonomic office chairs.

Ergonomic chairs promote good body posture as these chairs have adjustable components that allows the user of the chair to keep their body properly aligned whilst sitting in the office chair. In essence these ergonomic office chairs allow the user to sit up straight and supports the shoulders and hips to be maintained in a vertical position.

Ergonomic chairs are adjustable in so many ways that users are able to place their feet flat on the floor and at the same time maintain their thighs in a comfortable horizontal position and level their arms evenly with the height of the desk.

Owning ergonomic devices and ergonomic furniture is only the first step; the more crucial step revolves around using these ergonomic elements effectively. The topic on how to use ergonomic office chairs, keyboards and mouse optimally will be covered on the next article that will follow this on the topic of ergonomics.


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