Preparing a Used Car for Sale in Australia – What you Need to Know

June 12, 2024

The second-hand car market is huge, as people change their ride on a regular basis and selling a used car can be a very stressful experience; time-wasters, indecisive folk and those who say they will get back to you but never do. People can be odd, especially when it comes to making decisions about buying cars, at least that’s the way it seems.

Traditional Car Sales

It wasn’t that long ago when you would take a few photos of your car then visit a car magazine office and they will list it in the next publication. Those days are long gone, as everything is digital now; There are many websites where you can list your car, some have a wide readership, some do not; they are better for local buyers, although it can take a while to find a buyer who will pay your asking price.

Car For Cash Companies

By far the most popular way to sell a car, these companies offer a comprehensive service and what’s more, they have many hundreds of car dealers registered in the system and they all see your listing. Within a short time of the listing going live, you can expect to receive bids and when you are happy with an offer, click on ‘accept’ and the process begins.

Preparing the Listing

You should have the car cleaned and waxed, then take photos, the best of which can be uploaded with the vehicle description. If you are selling a car in QLD, once you land on the website, click on ‘sell my car’ and a staff member will assist you to upload the required information.

Collecting Paperwork

You should have records of all services and repairs, which the new owner should have; store everything in a large envelope and you can hand it to the buyer when they arrive. Vehicle documents are also important and should be placed in the envelope, then your liability is over.

Database of Australian Car Dealers

Of course, car dealers love to register with such a network, as they get to see vehicles 24/7 and when they find a car they want, the dealer makes you an offer and should you come to an agreement, the buyer arranges the car collection and payment into your bank account. The platform handles the vehicle transfer of ownership, leaving you free to enjoy your free time. Here are a few tell-tale signs that your brakes need attention.

Competitive Bidding

Car dealers from all over Australia will competitively bid for your car, which virtually assures that you will get the top price. Top vehicles can fetch very high prices, as dealers are always looking for prestige cars and will pay a high price when they find a car that someone has ordered.

It is very important that you, the seller, make sure that the ownership transfer is done and if you use a car for cash platform, they handle this on your behalf.


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