Preventative Home Maintenance for Reducing Expenses Due to Storm Damage

June 19, 2024

Storms are normal events that have the potential to seriously harm houses, necessitating costly repairs and causing long-term misery for the occupants. Storm frequency and intensity have grown in recent years; therefore, homeowners must take preventative steps to protect their houses.

Preventative home maintenance is a critical strategy for minimizing storm damage and reducing the financial burden associated with such events. This article guides you through various steps to assess your home's vulnerability and implement effective preventative measures to protect your property from storm damage.

Assessing Your Home's Vulnerability

Understanding your home's vulnerability to storm damage is the first step in creating a robust preventative maintenance plan. Begin by examining the geographical location of your home.

Areas prone to hurricanes, tornadoes, heavy rain, or high winds require different protective measures. Identifying the types of storms common in your region will help you tailor your maintenance efforts accordingly.

You can also get a specialized inspection, as advised in an article from The Washington Post. The experts will determine how likely your property is to get hit by a storm or any other natural calamity. They will also inspect what measures are already taken and what more you can take to make your home resilient to storms.

Additionally, you can also check local weather forecasts to find out if your home is vulnerable to any upcoming storms. Consider the example of recent May 2024 storms in Greenville, South Carolina.

As reported by WYFF, strong to severe storms hit some parts of South and North Carolina on May 8, 2024, at around 2 p.m. It was also estimated that the second round of the storms would start at 9 p.m. on the same day. Such predictions can allow you to take precautionary measures to make your home less vulnerable to storms and the damage they cause.

Preventative Home Maintenance for Protection Against Storm Damage

There are multiple preventive measures you can take to make your property more resilient so it can withstand minor to major storms. Here are some actions you can take to fortify your home against storms:

Get Your Roof Ready

There's no denying that roofs are among the most vulnerable parts of your property to storms. As stated by Architectural Digest, hail, rain, snow, and wind can all cause different types of damage to the roof. However, if your roof is already damaged, the wind and water can enter your house, causing more damage to the interiors.

Therefore, you should regularly inspect your house's roof for missing, damaged, or loose shingles and replace them to prevent leaks. Ensure that the flashing surrounding vents, skylights, and chimneys are sealed correctly and are intact. Cut back any overhanging branches that could fall during strong winds and harm the roof.

Keep the Gutters Clean

Another thing you can do is clean the gutters, as they are important for directing the water away from your property.

Make sure your gutters are clear of leaves, debris, and other obstructions by giving them a routine cleaning, especially prior to storm seasons. Make the required repairs after looking for any indications of corrosion, leaks, or loose connections.

The first thing you should do is ensure your safety by getting the right equipment, including stairs, hand gloves, safety glasses, etc. You should also have the necessary cleaning tools, such as:

  • An empty bucket
  • A pressure washer
  • Gutter scoops
  • A cleaner nozzle, and more.

You should start with the large debris first and work your way to the packed corners that are hard to clean. Use a hose or pressure washer to clean such hard-to-reach parts.

While you can do all the work yourself, SureFlow Gutters recommends seeking professional help, especially for repairing clogged gutters. The professionals offer specialized services along with some warranty period for their installation and repair. If you find any damage to the gutters during the inspection that cleaning alone won't solve, contact a local business.

Consider the example of Greenville, South Carolina, where there were two rounds of storms. Suppose the first round caused damage to a property; then, the owner can contact a Greenville gutter repair service provider. This will help prevent any further damage and ensure the stormwater is carried away from the property's foundation.

Seal Windows and Doors

Properly sealed windows and doors are a barrier against the elements, preventing water from entering the home and causing extensive damage. This precautionary strategy is especially crucial in regions that are vulnerable to extreme weather events like hurricanes or torrential downpours. Strong winds and heavy rains in these regions might damage a home's structural integrity.

Sealing windows and doors can protect against water damage and enhance the home's overall energy efficiency. Drafts can force heating and cooling systems to work harder to maintain a suitable interior temperature. Proper sealing can prevent drafts from occurring. This raises energy costs and puts more stress on HVAC systems, which may decrease their lifespan and necessitate costly repairs.

Why Should Homeowners Worry About Storm Damage?

Storm damage repairs may be expensive, frequently reaching hundreds of dollars. It can range from anywhere between $2,693 to $20,814, with the national average being $11,673.

In addition, handling a storm's aftermath can be demanding and time-consuming. Preventive maintenance lowers the possibility of serious damage, which helps to manage these risks.

Storm damage can lead to long-term issues such as mold growth, structural instability, and compromised insulation. These problems not only affect the value of your home but also pose health risks to you and your family.

Insurance claims related to storm damage can also be complex and may not cover all repair costs. Moreover, some insurance providers offer discounts for homes that have implemented storm-resistant features, providing further financial incentives for proactive maintenance.

Another crucial reason for concern is the potential for displacement. Severe storm damage may render your home uninhabitable, forcing you to find temporary accommodation.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can you save money with preventative maintenance?

Preventative maintenance saves money by addressing minor concerns before they become significant ones and lowering the need for costly repairs. Maintaining your home's systems regularly lowers utility costs and increases the life of your assets.

How do you set aside money for upkeep and repairs?

Establish a specific home maintenance fund to save money for maintenance and repairs. Set aside a little portion of your monthly pay for this fund to ensure you have money for repairs.

How can I cut the amount I spend on maintenance?

By doing periodic inspections and little repairs yourself, you may reduce the amount you spend on maintenance. To cut long-term expenses, choose energy-efficient equipment and materials. You may also benefit from seasonal sales on professional services and required maintenance supplies.

In conclusion, preventative home maintenance is an essential strategy for reducing expenses due to storm damage. By assessing your home's vulnerability and taking proactive steps to fortify it against storms, you can protect your property and save on costly repairs. Following the above tips are key actions that can make a significant difference.

Jenevieve Moulin

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