Read 6 Eastern Web Novels for Home Décor Improvement Inspirations

June 17, 2024

We all love our homes to be well-decorated, whether we choose modern home decor or traditional styles from our countries. As we continuously improve towards well-crafted homes, we are not limiting ourselves to just one tradition but blending different ideas together to create aesthetically luxurious spaces.

On this point, Eastern fantasy web novels can be a good start for finding home improvement inspiration. Traditional Eastern web novels boast hundreds of categories and genres, each filled with unique, luxurious settings and decor ideas from olden times that can spark your creativity.

When we talk about Eastern novels, we talk about rich eastern heritage from China, Japan and Korea, as these countries are very famous for implementing fantasy-themed beautiful spaces in their web novels. Though they are not limited to just eastern but western fantasy themed books can also provide some good options for decorating your home space to your preference of choice.

How Home Improvement Ideas can be derived from classic/modern setting web novels

Web Novels are primarily focused on storytelling, however each story inherits the basic idea of ‘world building’, and this concept refers to a wide variety of themed elements that can be adapted into a better solution of home décor.

These elements heavily lean towards Eastern aspects like martial arts and cultivation novels, however that’s not entirely true as web novels continue to garner world-wide fandom, authors also have been delving into all kinds of settings of different countries to improve their world building aspect in each of their own novels.

These modern or medieval-inspired décor from fantasy web novels nonetheless can help in creating fantasy-themed decorative spaces, especially adding Innovative storage solutions like hidden compartments or multi-functional furniture in our living spaces.

6 Good Examples of Web Novels That Can Help You Achieve a Better and Improved Décor for Your Home

Here is a list of 6 popular Eastern-themed fantasy web novels that can help you build just that:

“God Tier Farm” by Gentleness In A Steel Gun

The story follows Xia Ruofei, who found a special scroll inherited by his family. This scroll has another dimension independent from the real world, a world that has flora and fauna depicted everywhere. This dimension has the power to give a normal herb its magical element and all the other perks which you need to read to know.

It showcases how to incorporate elements of rural farm life into your home space and to create a cozy, rustic kitchen with wooden accents and a herb garden, giving a soothing vibe like the countryside. The purpose of adding agricultural-themed décor and a small indoor garden is to accentuate the feel of calmness and stillness.

“Against the Gods” by Mars Gravity

A classic Chinese novel that has all the traditional Chinese elements one would expect from Xianxia genre novels. The story of Against the Gods dabbles in the personal life of Yun Che’s adventures, set against the backdrop of stunning natural and man-made structures.

Vivid and beautiful depiction of landscapes, immortal palaces, rivers, and godly treasures can definitely inspire you regarding your outdoor improvement plans. These vivid descriptions of lavish chandeliers, velvet drapes, and intricate woodwork bring out the luxurious elements of Asian-themed beautiful spaces.

"Douluo Dalu" by Tang Jia San Shao

Douluo Dalu, a popular Chinese book to look out for, is also known as ‘Soul Land’ in the English translated version. The story follows Tang San, the protagonist, as he goes through various challenges to become a powerful spirit master. Douluo Dalu has many similarities with the ‘Pokemon’ series as the concept of befriending spirit animals and Pokémon shows the base foundation of both series. However, Douluo Dalu has much darker yet thrilling storytelling. This web novel has multiple installments like Anime and Manhua.

The main series and its sequels show a wide variety of Chinese authentic wardrobes and ancient Chinese relics with powerful and vivid descriptions of Academy-filled Eastern architecture; these ideas can be included in your home improvement planning.

"Desolate Era" by I Eat Tomatoes

The portrayal of unique outdoor spaces seems very vivid in this web novel. A serene garden or patio space with elements inspired by Eastern landscapes makes Desolate Era uniquely charming to read. Not to mention, the author ‘I Eat Tomatoes’ did his best in world-building.

And as far as the story goes, it is impeccably executed. This novel’s protagonist, Ji Ning, journeys in this world of cultivation (xianxia) filled with enchanting sceneries and mythical constructs, giving a fantasy vibe to it. The novel’s detailed environmental descriptions can provide ideas for unique outdoor spaces. Reading this web novel may give you a better outline for improvement references.

“The Legendary Mechanic” by Qi Peijia

Trying to find some tech-inspired decors instead of an Asian-themed home? This novel can be a great reference to just do that. As you follow the adventure of Han Xiao, a professional gamer who finds himself transmigrated into the game he once played, now living as a non-player character (NPC). Trying his utmost to utilize his past knowledge of the game, like engineering and mechanical skills, to survive in this new world.

His skills as a ‘mechanic class’ involve building, upgrading, and innovating various mechanical devices and structures, blending technology and creativity. And you can also add these to your DIY projects for home-improving ideas. Transform your home into a tech-savvy haven inspired by this popular Chinese novel. Consider setting up a workshop or space equipped with tools and materials for DIY projects. Incorporate industrial-style décor with metallic accents, exposed pipes and wires, and gears to create a modern, mechanical aesthetic in a logical pattern to follow.

"I Have a Mansion in the Post-apocalyptic World" by Morning Star LL

A post-apocalyptic themed web novel can be another great source for home décor inspiration. This web novel has garnered quite the fan base because of its apocalyptic theme and comedy undertone. In this book our hero, Jiang Chen travels to a post-apocalyptic world where he uses his knowledge and skills to survive and even live quite a luxurious life.

I Have a Mansion in the Post-apocalyptic World uses a blend of futuristic and rugged elements. Incorporate these modern technology and rustic elements like reclaimed wood, metal furnishings, and distressed finishes to evoke a sense of living in the wasteland era. With a good achromatic gray color on the walls to suit the exact vibe of the post-nuclear era, you can create a better vibe for your homes similar to this book.

Blend Different Settings for Unique Décor

Each of these fantasy web novels can provide a unique and inspiring atmosphere. There are countless home improvement ideas to choose from in these novels' rich settings, whether you're remodeling a whole room or just adding a few little details to part of the room. You can also try to use a blend of different settings in your home. After all, there are an endless amount of web novels and even light novels out there to get ideas for your DIY projects. Do not limit yourself to just these web novels. Go explore and find the fitting story for your taste.


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