Rustic Retreats of the Rich and Famous: Exploring Celebrity Real Estate in Rural Settings

June 21, 2024

When people picture celebrity homes, they tend to picture high-rise luxury New York condos or huge mansions in Beverly Hills. However, many celebrities prefer the rural lifestyle, far away from neighbors or prying eyes. If you live in a small town, there may be a celebrity haven hidden near you in plain sight! While there is a substantial amount of rural celebrity real estate, these iconic residences have drawn the most attention over the years.

Debbie Reynolds and Carrie Fisher

The iconic mother-daughter actress duo Debbie Reynolds and Carrie Fisher have shared quite the spotlight over their decades of fame. Reynolds’ son bought a beautiful rural ranch in Creston, California that ended up being cohabited by the entire family, particularly Carrie Fisher. It boasts wide fields, scenic vineyards, and even horse ranches. While Debbie Reynolds and Carrie Fisher sadly passed away in 2016, the ranch still exists today and has been on and off the market over the years.

Paul McCartney

While most people think of Paul McCartney as a British nobleman, he purchased a sprawling ranch in Tucson, Arizona with his late wife Linda McCartney in 1979. In its prime, the couple owned horses and enjoyed horseback riding in the accompanying 151 acres of wilderness. The home itself isn’t particularly huge or grandiose, but it’s comfortable and a perfect host to its horse stables and corral. While his wife passed in the late 90s due to breast cancer, he still pays property taxes on the desert retreat.

Martha Stewart

While Martha Stewart, the iconic home and hospitality celebrity businesswoman, owns many properties, one rural property to note is her seasonal ‘farm’. Located in the small town of Katonah, New York, this sprawling rural estate has beautiful gardens, greenhouses, and even horse stables.

Miley Cyrus

While Miley Cyrus has owned several properties over the years, including one that burnt down in the California wildfires, her rural Tennessee country home is notable for its privacy and classic white farmhouse look. Of course, unlike other farmhouses, it’s around 7,000 square feet and costs millions of dollars. Still, it’s surrounded by beautiful trees on 33 acres of land, and entirely private. Good for her!

Joe Cocker

Joe Cocker, known for his unique bluesy music and gravelly voice lived in a beautiful English-inspired mansion in the middle of the Colorado mountains until his death. Located in Crawford, Colorado with a population of only a few hundred, this mansion is the definition of remote. It’s entirely rural and features a working ranch and barn. While this mansion is massive and palatial, commissioned to look like a Tudor-style home, it still features some rustic charm on sprawling acreage with farm amenities.

Steven Seagal

Controversial actor and martial artist Steven Seagal took remote to a whole new level by constructing his rural log lodge on Lava Lakes nature preserve in California. While he is no longer the owner, the scenic wildlife retreat features seven lakes, exotic wildlife, and an entire cattle ranch. The log cabin look feels so rustic and in touch with nature, it makes you want to check out some park model homes for sale yourself!

Kanye West

While Kanye West hasn’t earned much positive press lately, he had a major impact on pop culture and the music industry in his prime. He owns a rural ranch compound of several thousand acres about 50 miles from Yellowstone National Park itself! With its huge space comes tons of amenities, such as horse barns, a corral, saloons, a shooting range, and freshwater fishing lakes. Talk about a remote getaway!

Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban

The actress and musician celebrity couple are enjoying the Australian wildlife at their farm and farmhouse she has owned since 2008. The property is an astonishing 111 acres, with plenty of animals to graze on the greens. Its 150-year-old main estate maintains a lot of the original features and layout according to Kidman’s preferences. There are also separate cottages onsite for guests or family members. It seems like these cottages would make the perfect Airbnb destination.

Michael Bloomberg

The former mayor of New York has no shortage of homes, but his rural Colorado mansion takes the rustic cake. Just an hour away from the popular ski resort town of Aspen, this wilderness mansion has golf courses, tennis courts, and a swimming pool without a neighbor in sight. It’s surrounded by forests for miles for the ultimate privacy.


Many celebrity homes prefer rural retreats to enjoy privacy, peace, and to become one with nature. From Sir Paul McCartney to the controversial Kanye West, many celebrities have taken to rural or remote locations to enjoy hobbies away from the hustle and bustle of the big cities where they work. Farmers, ranchers, and introverts aren’t the only ones who enjoy the privacy of rural living, it seems.

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