Snooze and Style: The Best Mattresses of 2024 in Celebrity Bedrooms

June 6, 2024

Celebrities, they get all the breaks, don't they? You must wonder: Is this how they live between the red-carpet glamour and jet-setting? Yet we have one thing in common: we all need to sleep well.

Regardless, the A-listers need to rest, too. What kind of mattress serves as a massive cradle for these big names as they gently fall asleep? Now strap in for a ride through celebrity sleep and reveal the best mattresses of 2024 in celebrity bedrooms.

Innerspring Luxury: A List Comfort

But if you prefer the traditional support of an innerspring mattress, there are even more celebrity dozer picks. Reportedly a favorite of actor Ryan Reynolds, the Saatva Classic Mattress is available in four firmness options and two profiles (11.5 inches and 14.5 inches).

Perfect for side-sleepers who have had poor experiences with inner springs. This innerspring hybrid puts pocketed coils beneath layers of memory foam for that soft, restful experience with the needed support.

Action hero, if ever there was one, The Rock has a quite stressful lifestyle, so he would need a mattress to keep up. He reportedly enjoys sleeping on the Sealy Posturepedic Plus Plush Firm, which offers a sturdy innerspring core and stress-relieving gel grid technology.

Stars: Be Sleep-Deprived in Style with Memory Foam Bliss

Prince-worthy pressure-conforming comfort is memory foams another idol. Oprah Winfrey has long been a fan of Tempur-Pedic mattresses and cites the Tempur-Cloud Luxe Breeze as her go-to. This memory foam mattress has a cool-touch cover for hot sleepers.

Actress Kate Hudson is another fan of memory foam, preferring the Casper Original Mattress. With a design that promotes balanced support alongside plush comfort layers, the Casper Original is an excellent mattress for combination sleepers who rotate through different positions across the night.

Celebrity Eco-Conscious Choices

Being on trend is a thing, and from the latest news, sustainability has caught the eye of many celebrities when it comes to their mattresses. With their eco-friendly lifestyle, actress Emma Watson selected a natural latex mattress.

They even sleep on an all-natural latex mattress that is as comfy and eco-friendly as possible. Chrissy Teigen Tweets About Mattress for Better Sleep She co-founded Nest Bedding, which provides many mattresses, including the organic/naturally sourced ingredients used in the Luxury Hybrid Latex.

More on Sleep Sanctuaries: The Star Mattress

A good mattress is just one part of the sleep sanctuary, however. In general, most stars also invest in breathable sheets, supportive pillows, and soft but weighty comforters to ensure the best possible sleep quality.

It is also common to see blackout curtains to prevent light and white noise machines to reduce noise. Others, meanwhile, followed specific sleeping practices, with particular favorites among sleep schedules and no caffeine before sleeping.

Discovering Your Dream Sleep of the Stars

Spying on how the rich and famous are sleeping on their luxurious beds is always interesting. Still, the important thing to understand is that the best mattress for you is one that ideally meets your expectations.

When researching a few options, consider your sleep style, body type, and budget to rest on the best mattress for you. Feel free to look into different brands and models and test sleep on a few mattresses in-store before deciding what you want. Everyone deserves a good night's sleep — even if you are a household name.


Well then, pass on the usual sleep melodrama and time to invest in a movie-star mattress. Get a few ideas from celebrity bedrooms about what mattresses of 2024 would have by a bit of research, and you are going to be all set to turn your own sleep space to a snooze-worthy retreat immediately!



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