Step-by-Step Guide to Taking an Ice Bath Safely

June 24, 2024

Ice baths have been used in the facilitation of the recovery process among athletes as well as for fitness training to increase muscle relaxation and wellness. However, going specifically against that table and jumping into an ice bath can be quite dangerous for the body if not done correctly or in a controlled manner. If you are thinking about taking an ice bath and have no idea where to start, this article is for you.

Benefits of Ice Baths

Let's quickly go over the reasons why you might want to think about having an ice bath before we get into the how-to:

Reduces Muscle Soreness: Cold temperatures help constrict blood vessels and reduce inflammation, alleviating muscle soreness.

Speeds Up Recovery: Ice baths after a workout might speed up your recovery and get you back to training sooner.

Enhances Mood: Cold exposure can boost endorphin levels, improving your overall mood.

Improves Circulation: Alternating between cold and warm environments can improve blood circulation.

Preparing for Your Ice Bath

Choose the Right Equipment

First, you need the right bathtub for a perfect ice bath. Of course, you can take a standard bathtub but getting a portable ice bathtub from Myritual can save time and be more efficient, particularly in case you are going to use it regularly.

Gather Supplies

You will need:

  • Ice (enough to lower the water temperature significantly)
  • Water
  • A thermometer (to monitor the water temperature)
  • Towels
  • Warm clothing for after the bath

Set the Temperature

Fill the bathtub with cold water and some ice. The best cooler temperature for an ice bath is 50-59 degrees F, which is 10-15 degrees C. To determine the food temperature, use the thermometer and set the highest temperature if required.

Time It Right

Plan to take your ice bath soon after your workout for maximum benefits. Ensure you have at least 10-15 minutes of uninterrupted time.

Taking the Ice Bath

Ease In Gradually

  • Start by dipping your feet and slowly immerse yourself up to your waist.
  • Gradually lower the rest of your body into the tub. This helps your body adjust to the cold temperature.

Control Your Breathing

The initial shock of the cold water can make you gasp. To assist your body in adapting and avoiding breathlessness, concentrate on taking deep, steady breaths.

Limit Your Time

Stay in the ice bath for no longer than 10-15 minutes. Prolonged exposure can lead to hypothermia or frostbite.

Stay Calm and Still

Minimize movement to reduce the sensation of cold and allow your body to adjust. Use this time to relax and meditate if possible.

After the Ice Bath

Warm Up Gradually

  • Exit the bath slowly and carefully to avoid dizziness.
  • Dry off with a towel and put on warm clothing immediately.

Rehydrate and Refuel

Drink plenty of water to rehydrate your body. Have a snack or meal rich in protein and carbohydrates to aid muscle recovery.

Monitor Your Body

The important thing to remember about taking an ice bath is to monitor how your body is feeling after that. There is often a burning sensation post-procedure, patients should however see their healthcare provider if pain or numbness persists.

Tips for a Safe Ice Bath Experience

Consult a Doctor: Before attempting an ice bath, check with your doctor if you have any existing medical concerns.

Start Slowly: If you've never taken an ice bath before, begin with short sessions before gradually working your way up to longer ones as your body adapts.

Buddy System: Have someone nearby when you take an ice bath, especially the first few times, to assist if needed.


Ice baths should be a staple in anyone's recovery if done right, and they are especially important for athletes. For you to be able to appreciate the positive side of cold therapy and at the same time look at the flip side and avoid the negative side, here are the ways to follow: For athletes trying to push their physical capacities to the limit or for people trying to find some new regime activity, ice baths can be a helpful step to make. Acquiring a tub meant for carrying a cold water bath can make this process much easier, enabling one to benefit at any time they wish.


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