Things to Do When You Travel to Bodø: Billigste Leiebil and More

June 12, 2024


Bodo offers plenty of activities, from glacier hikes on Svartisen and clipfish restaurant visits, to stunning sky bars with panoramic views and rooftop patio seating, such as Bodo Sky Bar with 360-degree panoramic views and more! There's also an active cultural scene, complete with museums, cafes and plenty of street art adorning its streets.

Cheapest car rental

Bodo is one of the premier car rental locations in Norway. Situated near both the Arctic Circle and fjords, its proximity makes it a fantastic base from which to explore Norway's coastal beauty. Bodo boasts an abundance of activities and attractions such as the Saltstraumen maelstrom (an incredible whirlpool that forms every six hours); spectacular mountains; and fjords that provide ample opportunity to witness the Northern Lights at play!

Bodo offers an abundance of rental cars, making it easy to find the ideal deal for your trip. On average, weekend car rental prices in Bodo can fluctuate depending on the time of year and vehicle choice. You can find leiebil Bodø for budget travelers considering renting small or mid-size car might be preferable to an SUV or luxury model. Doing you research can help you secure the best rates.

Bodo offers several convenient locations from which you can rent a car, including airports, city centers and downtown areas. Many rental car companies provide discounts when booking online or using their mobile app; be sure to take note of these offers when reserving your car as the rates may increase significantly in peak seasons. It is wise to book early as rates increase dramatically when demand surges.

With your own wheels, Bodo becomes your oyster when exploring. Drive to Ronvikfjellet for breathtaking views or discover Kjerringoy with its hardened Mediterranean charm dating back to the 18th century buildings. Don't forget Saltstraumen; an incredible natural maelstrom where tides swirl around cliffs and bridges. You can click here to learn more.

Avis offers the cheapest car rental deals in Bodo with rates beginning at PS147 per day; however, renting closer to the airport could prove cheaper when factoring in public transit and taxi fare costs for reaching your pickup point.

Bringing children along on your Bodo adventure? Most car rental companies allow those under 25 years old to drive with a parent or guardian, however, a young driver fee will likely apply on certain vehicles.

Public transport

Bodo may be small, but getting around by public transportation is simple. Bus service covers the entirety of Bodo. In addition, several car rental agencies exist throughout Bodo that will allow visitors to explore nearby islands and towns within Nordland County.

The Norwegian Aviation Museum in Olav V Gate Museum houses an impressive collection of aircraft including old propeller planes and helicopters as well as an aviation simulator to allow visitors to experience what it feels like to pilot an airplane firsthand.

Visitors to Bodo can explore on foot or bicycle, with streets that are very safe, friendly locals who are always eager to share their culture and traditions, as well as travel advisories from their home countries which indicate which areas to avoid and what safety precautions must be taken when visiting Bodo. You can click the link: to learn more about cycling. It's wise to do your research prior to travelling as this will give you the most informed trip.

Many travelers arrive at Bodo Airport and then rent a car for the Lofoten Islands, famous for their spectacular landscapes of mountains plunging into the sea. Near the center of town lies the ferry port that provides services such as car and passenger ferries to Moskenes (car ferry only) and Svolvaer.

From Bodo Airport, take either Bus Line 1 or 2, which only take 8 minutes and stop at Bankgata bus stop close to both Bodo train station and ferry port (Bodo ferjekai).

Get to the airport via taxi; however, to ensure a timely journey. Prebook the ride as far in advance as possible to avoid long wait times and delays; costs vary depending on distance traveled but typically run around 500 NOK for most rides. Oslo is generally considered safe for solo female travelers at nighttime; however, it is advised to use caution and remain in well-populated areas during this period.


Bodo, Norway offers numerous transportation options. Public buses, trains and ferries provide clean and dependable public transit with friendly staff who provide easy-to-read schedules. There are also taxi services available in Bodo; but always compare pricing before making a decision!

Taxi fares in Norway are very reasonable, especially for longer rides such as from the airport to city center and vice versa, e.g., NOK 500 round-trip. To ensure smooth transportation experience during rush hours it's wise to reserve one early.

Take the bus from the airport. This option can be convenient as the airport is situated close to the city center, and bus service runs frequently. Just keep in mind that seating may not be sufficient, and journey can take time; so, plan ahead by purchasing tickets either online or from stations in advance.

Bodo offers several private taxi transfer options, from airport transfers and sightseeing tours to city tours. These services provide travelers with their own dedicated vehicle and driver, eliminating the need to wait for other passengers or share rides. They're ideal for travelers with specific schedules who want to experience Bodo's remarkable attractions; furthermore, private taxi drivers often possess invaluable local knowledge that they can act as personal guides.

Bodo is generally an attractive destination for solo female travelers, particularly at nighttime. Street harassment is uncommon, and its low crime rate and strong law enforcement make for a safe stay in Bodo. Still, precaution should be taken by staying near well-populated areas at nighttime to stay secure.

As well as taxis, Bodo also offers bus and train travel systems to Lofoten from its central bus terminal. Bus services run regularly to Moskenes, Helgeland, Steigen and Moskenes - often with frequent connections - with frequent connections also provided for Moskenes Helgeland Steigen and Moskenes Helgeland from here on out. You may also choose the ferry option, though its schedule may be affected by weather conditions - and be wary if seasickness could occur from here on out!

Bike rental

No matter whether you want to explore Bodo on your own or with friends and family, bike rental is the perfect way to explore. Rent a full-size electric mountain bike by the hour or day depending on your needs; premium models feature full suspension with studded tires for easy traversal of steep hills and long distances as well as comprehensive accessories including helmet, gloves, lock toolset charger.

E-Bikes are an eco-friendly choice and sustainable transportation alternative that are perfect for families. Incorporating effortless pedaling with their ability to be used on paved paths for further travel without getting tired easily, eBikes provide sustainable transport with their 20 km/h speed limit and are easily maneuvered.

When selecting a bike rental company, it is crucial that they offer affordable pricing. Furthermore, check reviews online and visit in person so you can test out their bikes and ask any necessary questions.

Make the most out of your experience and read all terms and conditions before renting. Doing so will prevent any surprises or unpleasantries during your ride and ensure a stress-free journey. Please note: an upfront deposit payment must be paid for bike rentals; this deposit will be retained in case any damages were caused due to negligent handling by guests, theft, or vandalism.

EBike Rental provides the ideal way to travel the country. Boasting cutting-edge technology combined with breathtaking scenery for an unforgettable journey, meeting/pickup options are flexible enough to fit into any schedule - you can even schedule pickup/dropoff from Hurtigruten or Havila ports of call for added convenience!


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