Ultimate Guide On Safe Car Shipping

June 24, 2024


You may have searched online for information on how to ship a car. When it comes to shipping a vehicle, you need to consider many factors. From choosing a reputed car transport company to preparing your vehicle for shipment, the shipping process might be stressful and sometimes daunting, but you can make it easy and seamless. In this article, we have covered all the information you may need about car shipping.

Choose The Trustworthy Auto Transport Company

The first step to ensure the safe transportation of your vehicle is to choose a trustworthy and reputed auto transport company. We understand the value of your vehicle, so we researched and selected a company with a good reputation, reviews, and insurance coverage. Here are the points to help you select a reliable auto transport company.

  • You have to make sure that the company is reliable and trustworthy. To ensure the company's reliability, you can check its DOT number and BBB to check its honesty. It will help you make sure that the company is legitimate.
  • You have to research a company and look online for customer reviews. You have to pay attention to the customers' feedback and ensure that their customers are satisfied with their car shipping services.
  • You can also ask your friends or family members for a reference. This will help you choose the shipping company quickly and make the shipment easy.
  • You should not depend on one company. You should look for different companies, get a car shipping quote, compare prices, services, reviews, etc. This will help you choose the best company within your budget.
  • You have to look for the insurance coverage, terms and conditions of the company, and once you have selected the shipping company. You have to maintain regular communication with the auto transport company, and if you have any shipping questions, immediately ask them.

Prepare Your Car For Shipping

If you want to ship your car safely, it is most important that you prepare your vehicle to ensure its safe and damage-free delivery. Here are some important points to follow while preparing your car for shipment.

  • Wash and Clean your car from inside to out.
  • Remove any personal belongings and documents from inside a car.
  • Check for the battery and the tires of a car.
  • Reduce the fuel level of your car.
  • Secure the loose parts of your vehicle.
  • Disable the car alarms.
  • inspect your car and take photographs of your car.
  • Check the condition of your car and check for any pre-existing damage.
  • Have the spare keys of your car.

Inspect Your Vehicle

Before loading your car into the trailer, you must inspect it before and after the shipment. As soon as you receive your vehicle, you must inspect it properly, and after the inspection, you must pay for the shipping payments. Here are the points you need to follow while inspecting your car.

  • Before you transport your vehicle, you have to ensure it is in running condition and

inspect your car before and after delivery. If you have noticed any scratch or damage to your vehicle, immediately inform the vart shipping company or the drivers to inform them.

  • Inspection will help you get the answer to your question, build trust in the auto transport company, and pay the payment after completing the paperwork.

Know The Shipping Options

Auto transport companies offer different shipping services, which can be done in several ways. It is most important that you know about the shipping methods and understand the requirements of your vehicle. Here, we have shared the most common shipping methods they are,

Open Transport

  • Open car transport is the most popular and cost-effective way to ship your vehicle. In this method, your vehicle is loaded into an open trailer and transported with all other vehicles. This shipping method is safe, but your vehicle will be exposed to external elements.

Enclosed Transport

  • Enclosed car transport is the best and most effective way to ship your vehicle in its pristine condition without even a scratch on it. In this transport, your vehicle will be loaded into an enclosed trailer, protecting it from external weather elements and hazardous road conditions. It is the best option for the shipment of luxury vehicles.

Door To Door Shipping

  • Door to door shipping is a costly delivery option, but it offers convenience. With this option, your vehicle will be picked up from your doorstep and then delivered to your new address.

Terminal to Terminal Shipping

  • As its name suggests, your vehicle will be picked up from the terminal points, and then it will drop off your vehicle to the nearby terminal points. It is a cost-effective shipping method.

Expedited Shipping

  • Expedited car shipping is the most costly but offers the safe and guaranteed pickup and delivery of your vehicle. This option is used by those who need urgent pickups and delivery of their vehicles.

Communicate With The Auto Transport Company

Communication is the key, and good communication makes shipping a smooth and peaceful experience.

  • You have to communicate with the auto transport company and provide them with all the details.
  • Provide them with the pickup, delivery location, contact details, and vehicle condition.
  • If you need any specific or special modifications to your vehicle, discuss them with the company before the shipment.
  • You have to communicate with the driver and with the auto transport company to receive regular and live updates on your vehicle's location.

Know The Cost Of Shipping

Auto transport costs are calculated based on several factors, such as distance, vehicle type, and time. You will get a transparent and budget-friendly shipping quote when you ship your car with a reliable car transport company.

If you want to know the shipping cost, you can use the car shipping cost calculator. It is easy and free to use and will help you know the estimated shipping cost. You will get a free and instant auto-shipping quote. Below, we have shared the factors that affect the shipping costs,

  • Pickup and delivery distance.
  • Vehicle model type, size, and weight.
  • Transport or carrier type- open and enclosed transport
  • Door to Door and Terminal to Terminal delivery options.
  • Fuel cost.
  • Seasonal shipping
  • Insurance coverage, etc.

Tips For Choosing The Auto Transport Company

  • Research auto transport companies and reviews to make sure that they are reliable.
  • Select a reliable car shipping company.
  • Maintain proper communication with the car transport company.
  • Prepare your vehicle before the shipment.
  • Inspect your car before and after the delivery services.
  • Look for insurance coverage.
  • Schedule the shipment of your car properly and securely.

Quick Tips For Safe Vehicle Shipping

  • Research auto transport companies and reviews to make sure that they are reliable.
  • Select a reliable car shipping company.
  • Maintain proper communication with the car transport company.
  • Prepare your vehicle before the shipment.
  • Inspect your car before and after the delivery services.
  • Look for insurance coverage.
  • Schedule the shipment of your car properly and securely.


If you want to ship your vehicle safely, you need to choose the right shipping company, understand the shipping options, and prepare and inspect your car to ensure safe and easy shipping. When you select a reliable auto transport company, they will ensure the safety of your vehicle. They will safely ship your vehicle to your address, making the shipping process as easy as possible.


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