What is an Inline Booth?

June 28, 2024

If you are exhibiting at a trade show for the first time, we are sure you will be confused about the multiple booth types that you will come across before finalizing the one for your exhibition. Well, among all the booth types, an inline booth is the most common choice for first-time exhibitors looking for booth building services in Las Vegas.

So, what exactly is an inline booth? Let’s explore everything about it so you can make an informed decision for your upcoming trade show.

What is an Inline Booth?

Inline booths are also known as linear booths. Inline booths are the most common type of exhibit space at a trade show or exhibition. They are called inline booths because they are typically arranged in a straight line with other booths. In other words, two inline booths share a common wall.

Now that you have learned what an inline booth is, let’s discover its characteristics, pros, cons, and how you can maximize its impact.

Characteristics of Inline Booth:


The standard layout and size of an inline booth are 10 feet wide and 10 feet deep (10X10). However, you can also have size variations, such as 10x20 or 10x30, depending on the trade show guidelines, the space you have booked, and your budget for the booth. The inline booth layouts are generally designed to allow maximum space efficiency.


Inline booths are mostly accessible from the front side, only facing the aisle. All other three sides are usually covered by neighboring booths or the exhibit hall's walls. So, while choosing an inline booth, you will need to carefully plan the entry and exit points for your visitors.


The backwall in an inline booth is a primary area where exhibitors execute their branding and visual displays. For example, you can use this space to hang banners, posters, or digital screens that showcase your logo, products, service offerings, and key messaging. Plus, the backwall can also have a facility of shelves or stands for product displays.

Height Restrictions:

When it comes to inline booths, you will have a height restriction of around eight feet. The purpose behind this restriction is to maintain a consistent and structured view across the exhibition floor. When you work with well-experienced booth builders like Pure Exhibits, you can design a beautiful inline booth even with these restrictions.

Pros of Inline Booth:

Let’s find out the advantages of having an inline booth for your next trade show event..


One of the major benefits of having an inline booth is its budget-friendliness compared to other types of booth. Because of its cost-effectiveness, inline booths have become the first choice for small and medium-sized businesses. So if you have a limited budget and want to explore the benefits of trade show marketing in your business, you can start with an inline booth.

Easy Setup:

Inline booths are quite easy and straightforward to set up and dismantle. The simple and clean designs of inline booths makes it possible for you to allocate less time and fewer resources for its setup.

As it’s easy to set up, it takes down lots of your stress and logistics challenges associated with trade shows.

Location Variety:

The best part about inline booths is they can be fitted anywhere in the exhibition hall - so whether you prefer a spot near the entrance, along a busy aisle, or in quieter corners, you can get it done as per your preferences.

Networking Opportunities:

Last but not least, inline booths give you an opportunity to network with other exhibitors as the booths are in close proximity. When there’s a low flow of visitors, you can discuss the upcoming trends, share insights, and discuss effective strategies with your co-exhibitors. This networking opportunity is very useful for companies looking to expand their network and new business relationships.

Cons of Inline Booths

Having an inline booth is not all pink all the time. There are some drawbacks to having an inline booth. Let's discuss them.

Limited Visibility:

When you choose an inline booth for your trade show exhibition, you may get limited visibility for the booths as they are accessible only from the front and not visible from all the four sides. This limited visibility can result in fewer visitors and reduced overall engagement.

Space Constraints:

As inline booths have smaller footprints, it restricts the amount of space that you can use for product displays and visitor interactions. So, if you have a larger product line and want to create an immersive experience for your audience, having an inline booth is not the best choice.

Design Limitations:

Inline booths share their walls with other booths, and thus, it limits your creativity when it comes to bringing creativity to the booth designs. Moreover, inline booths also need to follow strict height limits to ensure a uniform look on the exhibition floor.

Best Practices to Maximize the Effectiveness of Inline Booths

When you choose to have an inline booth, it becomes important to put in some extra effort to maximize its effectiveness. Here, we have listed a few tips that you can keep in mind to enhance the appeal of inline booths.

Have Eye-catchy Graphics:

Leverage backwall of the inline booth to prominently feature your branding and key messages. Plus, use high-quality and visually attractive graphics that help you attract the attention of visitors. Make sure these designs are clean and professional to build a good reputation for your organization.

Engage Visitors with Giveaways:

Though it can be difficult to have big touchscreen kiosks and immersive product experiences in inline booths, you can engage visitors by hosting contests and creating a buzz around your booth.

Utilizing Space to Its Best:

To use the maximum space of an inline booth in the best possible way, we recommend you to arrange products or service information in a way that visitors can access without any inconvenience. Also, you can use functional furniture like counters, shelving, and seating to create an inviting and comfortable space for conversations and demonstrations.

Train Your Staff and Team Members:

Regardless of the booth type you have, it’s important to have staff that’s approachable, friendly, and proactive in engaging with attendees. When your staff is equipped with in-depth knowledge about your products and services, they can get better results even with a limited flow of visitors to your booth.

Promote Your Presence at the Exhibition:

If you want more people to visit your booth, it’s highly recommended that you promote your trade show participation through social media, email campaigns, and the website. Clearly mention your booth number and location specifications so people can easily find your booth in the trade show exhibition hall.

Ready to Have an Inline Booth For Your Next Trade Show

We hope that, with all the information we have provided in this blog, you are now able to make a rational and appropriate decision about choosing an inline booth for the upcoming trade show.

Consider all the advantages and disadvantages of inline booths mentioned above and make a collaborative decision accordingly.


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