Your Ultimate Guide to Buy a Car: Finding the Perfect Vehicle

June 6, 2024

There is not a single person in the whole world who is not curious about the thought of buying a car. After all, this is one of the greatest assets that is going to be with you in all ups and downs. And the most important thing is that you have invested in it. That is why it is always considered that buying a car is one of the excellent ideas to think about. Well if you are looking for a perfect platform to buy a car then you must choose CarGurus.

But before this have you ever thought about the various factors that you need to consider when purchasing a car? I bet you haven't. If you are buying a car for the first and that too from online platforms there are chances that you might get confused. There are various options to pick when it comes to choosing a car. But still, needing a car depends on your budget and requirements.

Apart from choosing a car, there are other factors as well that you need to think about like the engine, variants, and transmission options. This can be super confusing. That is why this guide is there to help you get ideas about all the things to consider when you buy a car online.

Are you ready to consider the tips to buy a car before you make a final purchase of the car? Here you are going to get all your answers related to how to buy a car.

How to Buy a Car

Fix your Budget

Firstly, we advise you to decide how much funds you are ready to pay for a car. After all, if you are preparing to purchase your ideal car, money is the only thing that can become a hindrance. There are so many cars with different price ranges and it depends on you what you like to pick. Also, you should not forget about the fact the car is expensive because of the high rate of RTO and its insurance. While some companies even take up the handling charges which leads to an increase in price. All these things combine and increase the price of the car.

Fuel Type

With the funding fixed, comes determining the kind of fuel. A customer in the market can pick from electric, diesel, Petrol, or CNG but it completely depends on the usage of the car. Let's analyze this a bit deeper. With the technical improvements, diesel is basically on the point of dying in private automobiles. Neither the fuel costs are very far apart.

If your regular travel journey is more than 30 km then you must go with the CNG. The reason is that it is cheaper to run, also the maintenance is the same is at power than pick the petrol car.

Now, electric cars are very popular these days, and this can be one of the best for getting cost-saving deals. Though you can get the car a bit expensive if you see it in the long run this car is cheap.

Body Type

Let's come to the next aspect and that is the body type of the car. When you are choosing the car, you need to pick the right type of car so that you can enjoy it. Well, there 3 main types of body for a car that you can choose from sedans, hatchbacks, and SUVs.

  • Hatchbacks: Have parking issues? These could be simply good for you. These cute little cars are even slightly tiring on stop-and-go metropolis traffic and are readily clickable. Also, they deliver some luxury elements.
  • Sedans: This is the piece that brags of grace and opulence. Because of the long-wheelbase when corresponding to the hatches, it flares up more area on the interior. Ready to go on lengthy trips with luggage and not sacrificing luxury, this can be a perfect option.
  • SUVs: There is no refuting the truth that the great, tall SUVs have drawn most of the customers. After all, they have excellent features. The car does not sacrifice the comfort level. So, these can be another great fit that you can pick.


Let's come to the heart of the car and that is the engine. There is a common question that arises when it comes to what to consider when picking a car. Is it the torque or the Bhp? Furthermore, what is more illogical is whether to go for a small-capacity machine or the one with a big removal. Let me tell you, BHP or power is something that you need to consider.


This is something that does not take a lot of importance. But still here is a brief about which type of transmission you can choose to buy a car.

  • Manual Transmission: The stick shift is close to dying in the global automotive demand. Still, many individuals choose manual transmissions for the car. How can one ignore the sheer satisfaction and the feeling of power when moving the lever? But if you are tight on budget then you pick this type of car.
  • Automatic Transmission: If you prefer a comfortable car ride then you must pick an automatic transmission for yourself. This can give you comfort when you are traveling to hilly or rough areas.

Safety Rating

Thankfully, the automotive enterprise is making the proper usage of the internet. Nowadays, when people are looking for a car, they ensure safety concerns. Also, they check the rating of the car on CarGurus and whether it is safe to drive or not.

Ownership Cost

Choosing a car to purchase is difficult, what’s even more challenging is bearing the vehicle. In the end, one pays a lot more than on the maintenance and this can be expensive though. That said, this aspect should not be ignored, as this is something that we spend even after years. The value of the car depreciated but the maintenance cost is the same and it even exceeds with time.

Test Drive

Once everything is decided now you have to choose the car and don't forget to ask for a test drive. This is something that will help you to check whether the car is comfortable to drive or not. No matter what type of car you are picking, you must go for the test drive, and in case you don't feel the comfort you can pick another car under the same budget. So, you must choose at least 2-3 options when buying a car.


These are certain tips that you need to take care of when buying a car. Car purchasing is not very difficult when you walk on the proper path. Also, choosing the perfect store is very important. This time when you have decided to pick a car then go ahead. Check the different types of cars under your budget and complete the steps to buy a car from CarGurus.

Have a great drive!


Amas Jukubuvicious

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