A Guide to Designing a Modern-Day Kitchen with Function and Style

July 1, 2024

Functionality and style go together for a seamless kitchen design, but it only sometimes works this way. Some of the ultimate stylish kitchen element designs have no such functions, and simultaneously, some highly functional kitchen elements fail to match the elegant aesthetic.

Plan and Measure the Available Space

Planning and measuring the available space is one of the most crucial steps in kitchen design. This step cannot be skipped, as your design plans will only work perfectly with a clear understanding of the kitchen space you're working with.

You need to understand the overall available area of your home, the island size you can fit in your kitchen, the walking space around the island, and more. Remember that enough space is required to open and close the custom cabinetry comfortably. Is there enough space for a countertop? Is there enough space to fit the necessary appliances?

Thorough preplanning and precise measurements are the foundation of a well-designed kitchen. Having your entire plan ready before shopping for your kitchen cabinetry lets you confidently answer questions about the available space and ensure that your design plans will work perfectly.

Drawers are a Valuable Part of Your Kitchen Design

We know kitchen drawers are great for organization and storage. Being versatile, they can make your kitchen design stylized and clean when effectively used. If your kitchen has custom cabinetry fittings, you can work with freedom. With huge cabinets, you can even use the lower part, an incredibly perfect option for storing your pan, pots, and other kitchen items. In the traditional kitchen cabinet system, utensils are kept open. But with the modern, stylish kitchen cabinetry system, everything can be effectively organized and kept out of sight.

Conceal the Appliances 

Appliances are the directly functional items for your kitchen with no substitutes. But you will be surprised that even the newest, nicest refrigerator can sometimes clash with the custom kitchen cabinetry or new glam countertop.

Definitely, one cannot remove the appliances just to follow the style's flow. But how about concealing them? You can use custom kitchen cabinetry to replace the usual appliance doors, offering a uniform appearance throughout the kitchen design without functional sacrifice.

Custom Kitchen Cabinetry Designed for Unexpected Places

Do you think custom kitchen cabinetry and drawers are designed to fit just one side of the kitchen island?

The island can be defined as the centerpiece of the entire kitchen design. When it comes to fitting a cabinet, it depends on multiple factors. For example, you can go for a huge one, maximizing the usable countertop and storage space underneath.

Again, you can plan separate drawers for recycling storage and trash. You can also use low, covered drawers with stepping tools to reach high places in the kitchen. There are unimaginable ways of incorporating custom kitchen cabinetry. Hiring an experienced interior designer can help you maximize the available floor space.

You can contact experienced designers to discuss the designs and budget you can afford. With multiple options available, you can expect breathtaking concepts for remodeling your kitchen with custom cabinetry.


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