The Ultimate Packing List for Study Abroad Students

July 1, 2024

Packing for a study abroad experience can be quite daunting, but if you are provided with a comprehensive list of the must-have items, it becomes easier. When you are moving abroad to pursue your education, there are several things including your documents, visa, etc to pack.

In this blog, we shall make a list of all the necessary items you should keep when packing. However, remember to tailor this list based on your destination’s climate, your personal preferences, and any specific requirements from your study abroad program. You can also seek help from study abroad consultants in Lahore. They provide complete information regarding your travel abroad.


Your must-have items include your visa and passport. Ensure they are valid for the duration of your stay. Keep printed and digital copies of your airline ticket. Keep your student ID and international student card.

Before starting your journey, it is advised to keep an emergency contact number. Your study abroad consultant in Lahore will provide you with the emergency contact number so you can seek help in case of an emergency.

Also, do not forget to keep your travel insurance documents and health insurance card.

Academic Supplies:

Ensuring you have the right academic supplies can enhance your study abroad experience. If you want to stay organized and focused on your work, you should be prepared. One of the most important things to take with you is your power adapters and converters.

Since each country has its type of power outlet and adapter, it is crucial to research the plugs and voltage used in the country you’ll be moving. Purchase all the necessary adapters and converters to minimize the risk of running out of power.

Other things you need to take with you for a seamless study abroad experience include a laptop, charger (take a spare charger too), notebooks, pens, pencils, textbooks, study material, USB drive, external hard drive, planner/calendar, and additional digital tool.

You may not be able to buy all the necessary things right after moving so it is better to take everything with you.

Basic First-Aid Kit and Prescription Medications:

We hope that you do not need a first-aid kit during your stay abroad, but it is good to be prepared for any emergency. Ensure you have the amount of prescribed medicines to cover the length of your stay. Your doctor will help you get the amount you need. In case you run out of medicines, ensure you have a copy of the prescription to show it to a local doctor to buy medicines. Also, keep your medicines in your carry-on, in case your luggage is delayed.

Assemble all the medicines in your first-aid kit that will help you look after yourself. Essentials to keep in your first-aid kit include bandages, antibacterial wipes, cotton swabs and cotton wool, medical tapes, and tweezers.

Local Currency:

Always keep some amount of local currency in your wallet. Credit and debit cards are also acceptable but what if you want to eat at some local restaurant? So, it is always good to keep local currency for a place where cards are not accepted.

You can contact your study abroad consultants in Lahore and they will guide you about the amount of local currency you should carry with you.

Important Documents:

While your passport is the most important document to carry, it is not the only important document you need to carry. There are many other documents crucial for your study abroad experience. Without these documents, your adventure might turn into a nightmare.

When packing for study abroad, remember to double-check these documents:

  • Passport and visa
  • Your birth certificate
  • Flight information
  • Health and travel insurance cards
  • Accommodation details
  • Emergency contacts
  • Bank information

Make photocopies of these documents and also keep a digital backup.

Packing Tips:

When packing clothes for study abroad, first research the climate of the country you are moving to. Pack clothes according to the weather and avoid putting on too many clothes. You can buy as many clothes as you want abroad. Pack light so you can have peace of mind while traveling and unpacking after reaching the destination.

Use space savers such as vacuum bags or packing cubes. Carry important items and documents in your carry-on, in case of delayed or lost luggage.


Packing for a study abroad experience is a crucial step in ensuring your smooth and successful experience. By being organized and thoughtful in your packing, you can reduce stress and enjoy the opportunities that lie ahead. Safe travel, and enjoy every moment of your study abroad experience!


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