What Is Lipolaser and How Does It Help You Lose Fat?

July 2, 2024

Do you want to lose fat in the simplest way possible? What if there is a non-invasive treatment that shows instant effective weight loss results? Well, yes, you read that right; we are talking about none other than lipo laser treatment for weight loss.

Many people trust the treatment to get into the desired shape by eliminating the unwanted body fat without being strict on their diet and exercise routine. The treatment is a safe and reliable choice to manage your body fat without any struggles.

However, if you are worried about the lipo laser treatment cost, let us get a detailed understanding of the treatment. Let's find out what the treatment is all about and how it helps lose fat. Are you ready?

Lipolaser Treatment: The Basic Principle

The treatment relies on the combined benefits of low-level laser and low-frequency ultrasound (UCT) to ooze fat from the fat cells. The unwanted fat is then naturally flushed from the lymphatic system without any side effects or consequences.

The radiofrequency energy stimulates fibroblast along with collagen production to deliver firm skin besides weight loss. The vacuum therapy used in the treatment is also effective in improving blood circulation and minimizing swelling.

Thus, the treatment can be totally relied on to remove the stubborn fat from the body along with many other health benefits. It is suitable for all people in every age group; however, pregnant and lactating mothers should avoid undergoing this treatment.

Benefits of Lipolaser Treatment

The lipo laser therapy extends the following benefits to the individuals:

1. Firm Skin:

The treatment ensures firm and toned skin to transform your body into your dream body. It also improves the skin tone to boost the confidence of the individuals.

2. Repairs Striae Gravidarum:

The treatment is extremely effective in treating the red stretch marks within no time. It actively works on the marks and completely removes them after 3 to 6 sessions. It results in smooth and scar-free skin without any discomfort.

3. Reduce Cellulite:

Lipolaser therapy also works effectively to reduce the cellulite caused beneath the skin layer. It tightens the sagging skin to give a smooth and radiant appearance by naturally flushing the toxins.

4. Reduces Body Weight, Fat Percentage and BMI:

Besides targeting spot reduction, the treatment is also beneficial for overall weight management. It works to reduce and balance the overall body weight, fat percentage, and BMI value to maintain a healthy body for individuals.

5. Non-Surgical and No Downtime:

Last but not least; the lipolaser treatment is a non-surgical process done without any needles or anesthesia. Thanks to this, there are no scars, pain, or any kind of discomfort during and after the treatment.

As a result, the lipo laser treatment cost is quite affordable and thus, is suitable for everyone and anyone. Additionally, there is no downtime of the treatment; you can continue your routine work immediately after the treatment.

Working of the Lipo Laser Treatment

Yes, the lipo laser treatment actually works and shows effective results without any worries about any major consequences or side effects. The treatment targets the entire area at one time and every session takes approximately 60 minutes to complete.

The treatment provides a promising weight management program that helps manage the overall weight and BMI value of individuals. It includes no surgical process and thus leaves no scars or cuts on the person. It is a quick and safe way to lose the troubling extra kilos in the most convenient way possible.

The following are the steps followed in the lipo laser treatment:

1. Target Area Identification:

The first step in the process is identifying the target areas to lose and flush the unwanted fat cells. The expert professionals at VLCC ensure a thorough understanding of every individual's needs before the treatment to deliver the expected results.

2. Patch Test:

The treatment is initially done on a small part of the targeted area to analyze your skin's response. The patch test also helps to calibrate the laser accurately to seamlessly perform the entire treatment.

3. Applying the Laser:

The laser is applied to the targeted area to enjoy its benefits. The laser works in short bursts to maintain comfort and ease for the individuals. On average the session may take 60 minutes or less depending upon the needs.

4. After Care:

The experienced VLCC experts then suggest the required aftercare to the individuals to maintain the results. You can immediately start with your routine activities as there isn't any downtime in the process.

5. Follow-Up Sessions:

Lastly, the doctors may recommend the required follow-up sessions after analyzing the results of the initial session. The continuous sessions deliver long-lasting results.


Lipolaser ensures effective results by combining 4 innovative technologies - low-level laser, RF energy, vacuum therapy, and ultra-cavitation. These modern technologies work to remove and eliminate fat body cells along with improving blood circulation, skin texture, and glow.

You can totally rely on this 100% safe and effective treatment to enjoy overall weight management without any side effects. If you still have any doubts concerning lipo laser treatment cost, talk to the industry experts for a free consultation. To start your transformation journey now, book your VLCC appointment today!


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