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9 Types of Cleaning Services Offered by commercial cleaning company in Richmond, MEL

There are a variety of reasons why you would need professional cleaning services. Various professionals can be hired for office or residential purposes to provide the best service. With the growing popularity of home-keeping and maintenance services becoming more widespread over the past few years, it's no wonder that more and more people are turning […]

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Building a Luxurious Home in Today's World

Building a luxurious home used to be something that only the wealthy could do. But nowadays, with some careful planning and a bit of hard work, anyone can have a luxurious home. It just takes a bit of know-how and some planning for families to start their journey to creating a luxury home. Building a […]

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8 Proven Forms of Construction Site Security

Theft, accidents, and vandalism are all threats that construction sites confront. After working hours, many sites are relatively deserted, and the presence of valuable equipment attracts criminals. But you can protect the site from such theft and vandalism if you use site security equipment such as job site cameras, drones, night vision cameras, warning signs, […]

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David Beckham House: The Beverly Hills Mansion

Who is David Beckham? David Beckham is one of the best soccer players ever. Furthermore, he owns the Inter Miami CF and Salford City. Moreover, he is the first English player to win titles in four countries. Is there anything this man can't do? Also, Beckham has property all over the world including Beverly Hills. […]

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Shaq's Yacht: The Free Thrower

Introduction Shaquille O'Neal is a legend. Furthermore, he was a 4 time NBA champion and held the MVP title 3 times. What can't this man do? Also, he is known for his sports analysis on the TV program Inside the NBA. Moreover, to this day he is considered one of the best NBA players of […]

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3695 Primrose Rd: The Mannequin House

What is up with 3695 Primrose Rd? As you walk into any home, you probably are used to seeing a living space, a TV, and maybe a kitchen. Imagine that not being the case when you walk into a home and instead of that, you see mannequins everywhere. You would jump up in your shoes, […]

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DIY Write For Us

Submit Your Posts on DIY Projects DIY stands for Do It Yourself. If you are a fan of this site you know we like to do a lot of home projects ourselves. If you would like to show your stuff off as well our site can help you. Please submit your DIY write for us […]

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Submit A Guest Post Celebrity

Submit Your Posts Concerning Celebrities/Entertainment Please feel free to read more and submit a guest post celebrity for our website, Urban Splatter. If you think you want to post your article please read the following details below in order to do so. Please submit your celebrity write for us articles to: Submit A Guest […]

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Plumbing Write For Us

Submit Your Posts Concerning Plumbing We are looking for people to create interesting articles regarding plumbing for our website, Urban Splatter. If you think you want to post your article please read the following details below in order to do so. Please submit your plumbing write for us articles to: Plumbing Write For Us: […]

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Simone Biles House: The Houston Pad

Who is Simone Biles? Simone Biles is the legendary gymnast that we all love. Furthermore, she has a combined total of 32 Olympic and World Championship medals. It is pretty amazing she has 7 Olympic medals. Moreover, she is an inspiration to many gymnasts and girls all over the world. She lives in a cute […]

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Anthony Davis House: The Los Angeles Mansion

Who is Anthony Davis? Anthony Davis is a power forward and center for the Los Angeles Lakers. Furtehrmore, he holds many awards in the NBA and is super accomplished. His net worth is an estimated 130 million dollars while his salary is $38 million. He has lived in various areas in Los Angeles. Check out […]

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Cody Ko House: The Malibu Pad

Who is Cody Ko? Cody Ko is a Canadian YouTuber and podcaster who first gained much of his attention with his funny content on the platform Vine. Furthermore, Tiny Meat Gang is a group he is a part of. He has ammassed over 1 billion hits on YouTube and continues to be a powerhouse. Also, […]

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Ethan Klein House: The Los Angeles Mansion

Who is Ethan Klein? Ethan Klein is the host of the YouTube podcast called h3h3Productions. Furthermore, the show is a funny podcast that reacts to certain internet situations and memes. Also, they so dome sketch comedy where they make fun of internet culture. The channel has had over 2 billion views. He lives with his […]

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Brian Armstrong House: The Los Angeles Mansion

Who is Brian Armstrong? Brian Armstrong is the CEO of the cryptocurrency platform Coinbase. Born to two engineers he eventually was a developer for IBM and a consultant at Deloitte. Furthermore, he really is big in the start up arena, knowing exactly how that world works. He lives in the Los Angeles area in a […]

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Scooter Braun House: The Los Angeles Compound

Who is Scooter Braun? Scooter Braun is the manager for famous artists such as Justin Bieber, Demi Lovato, and Ariana Grande. Furthermore, he is the owner and founder of Ithaca Ventures and Schoolboy Records.  Scooter has lived in various areas in Los Angeles. We will take a look at his amazing Brentwood home. Check out […]

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Tucker Carlson House: The Florida Pad

Who is Tucker Carlson? Tucker Carlson is the main man on the talk show Tucker Carlson Tonight on Fox News. Furthermore, he uses his talk show to chat about issues at hand in the United States from a conservative point of view. The show is one of the best rated shows on that channel. He […]

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Stevin John House: The Los Angeles Pad

Who is Stevin John? Stevin John is also known as Blippi. Blippi is a YouTuber for children who has received over eight billion views on the platform. Furthermore, he is known for his funny look where he wears a blue and orange cap with suspenders. Moreover, it seems kids just cannot get enough of Blippi. […]

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Matthew Stafford House: The Los Angeles Pad

Who is Matthew Stafford? Matthew Stafford is an a legendary American quarterback. He plays for the Los Angeles Ram and used to play for the Detroit Lions. Moreover, he started his professional career in 2009 when he was drafted into the Lions. He has an amazing place in Los Angeles. Check out the Matthew Stafford […]

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Sofia Vergara House: The Beverly Hills Mansion

Who is Sofia Vergara? Sofia Vergara is an amazing actress and model. We all know here from her amazing work in some legendary TV shows and movies. Furthermore, she was the hgihest paid actress in TV from year 2013 until 2020. Whether you have seen her on Machete Kills, America's Got Talent, or Modern Family, […]

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Conor McGregor Yacht: The Lamborghini 63 Yacht

Introduction Conor McGregor is a mixed martial artist who will always go down as a legend. Furthermore, he was a UFC and Cage Warriors fighter in his career. There is a reason why his name is Notorius. Moreover, he is the real deal and worked very hard to accomplish everything he has. In 2021, McGregor […]

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Most Expensive House In Naperville

Where is the Most Expensive House In Naperville? Naperville is one of Chicago's wealthiest suburbs with very safe neighborhoods and great schools. Most homes in the are run between $300,000 and $1 Million. There are definitely a few that exceed expectations and are worth many millions of dollars. Furthermore, there is one home in particular […]

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Zendaya House: The Los Angeles Compound

Who is Zendaya? Zendaya is the amazing actress and singer we all love. She originally started on the Disney sitcom Shake It Up. Also, she had a breif music career where she slayed with her Top 40 hit Replay. Perhaps, her best work is her acting. Also, she is known for her roles in Spider-Man, […]

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Mike Krzyzewski House: The North Carolina Mansion

Who is Mike Krzyzewski? Mike Krzyzewski is also known as Coach K. He was the head coach for the basketball team at Duke University. Futhermore, he brought the team to 5 amazing national titles during his time there. Coach K grew up in Chicago as a kid and graduated from the US Military Academy at […]

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Jeanine Pirro House: The New York Mansion

Who is Jeanine Pirro? Jeanine Pirro is a conservative voice on Fox News. Furthermore, she ran her own show for a long time and currently is part of The Five. Before her time on TV, she was a lawyer in New York who evenutally became the first female district attorney of Westchester County. She has […]

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