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What Is The Dennis Severs' House?

Dennis Severs was born in California on November 16, 1948. He grew up with an unexplained wonderment of London, and history. He ended up taking this interest and making it his life. Not only did he drop out of law school, but he also started dressing in 18th and 19th century fashions. He also started […]

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Where Is Gloria James' House?

Gloria James is the mother of legendary basketball player, LeBron James. She was born on February 4, 1968 in Akron, OH, and gave birth to LeBron when she was 16 years old. When Gloria was just 19 years old, her mother died suddenly of a heart attack. Not only did Gloria lose her mother, but […]

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Where Is The Hans Herr House?

Christian Herr was born in Germany on May 20, 1680. His father was Reverend Hans Herr, and is a main reason why he too became a Reverend. In his youth the Herr family moved to Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, and Christian married Anna Maria Bar in 1697. The couple had many children before Christian passed away […]

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Check Out Freddy Mercury's Garden Lodge House

Freddy Mercury was a British singer and songwriter, as well as the lead singer of the legendary band Queen. Born on September 5, 1946 in Zanzibar, he attended boarding schools in India, before relocating with his family to Middlesex, England. The family made the move in 1964 during the Zanzibar Revolution. In 1970, Freddy formed […]

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Deep Dive Into Terry & Heather Dubrow's Newest House

Terry Dubrow is a plastic surgeon, as well as a reality star. His wife Heather is a longtime cast member of The Real Housewives of Orange County, which Terry also appears on. The two married in 1999 and share four children together. Terry isn't just a husband of a housewife though, he also stars in […]

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What Is The William Westerfeld House?

William Westerfeld was a German baker. He was born in Bremen, Germany on September 12, 1842. In 1859 he moved to San Francisco where he started working with his uncle Louis Westerfeld. Louise was a baker at a coffee and bakery shop called Schroth & Westerfeld. It was during this time that Louise trained William […]

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What Does Ted Cruz's House Look Like?

Ted Cruz is a Texas senator and failed presidential hopeful. He was born in Canada on December 22, 1970, and moved to Texas just four years later in 1974. Born Rafeal Edward Cruz, after his father, he started to go by Ted when he was around 13 years old. In 1988 he graduated valedictorian from […]

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Inside Justin Bieber's House

Justin Bieber is a Canadian singer. He was born on March 1, 1994 and quickly rose to fame at a young age, thanks to YouTube. With hit songs such as "Baby", "Love Yourself", "Sorry", and "Boyfriend". Aside from his professional life, Justin has also had some famous personal relationships as well. After a long on […]

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Check Out The Andrew Low House

Andrew Low was a Scottish-American cotton merchant. He was born in Scotland on July 20, 1812. In 1829 at just 17 years old, he moved to Savannah, GA to work for his uncle who ran a cotton firm. In 1839 his uncle retired and moved to England, with Andrew taking over. Eventually, Andrew became the […]

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What Is The Joshua Wilton House?

Joshua Wilton was the president of the First Virginia Bank in the late 1800s. He was born in England, and eventually moved to Canada. Wilton settled in Harrisonburg, VA after the Civil War, and did a lot to build up the town. He established a foundry, and also opened a hardware store. He is also […]

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Check Out Whitney Houston's House

Whitney Houston was a great singer and actress. Born in Newark, NJ in 1963, she rose to fame with hit songs such as "How Will I Know" and "I Wanna Dance with Somebody". Whitney also had a successful acting career, starring in movies like the 1992 classic, The Bodyguard, for which she also sang the […]

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Where Is The Woodrow Wilson House?

Woodrow Wilson was the 28th president of the United States. Born Thomas Woodrow Wilson on December 28, 1856, he was a member of the democratic party. Before becoming president, he served as the president of Princeton University, and then as the governor of New jersey. As the president of Princeton, Woodrow appointed the first Jewish […]

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Where Is Dr. Phil's House?

Dr. Phil McGraw, also known as Dr. Phil is a television personality, psychologist, and author. He was born on September 1, 1950 in Vinita, OK, and rose to fame through his appearances on The Oprah Winfrey Show. His straightforward and no-nonsense approach to addressing personal and family issues quickly resonated with audiences, and led to […]

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Where Is The Edith Wharton House?

Who is Edith Wharton? Edith Wharton was an American writer and designer. She was born in New York City on January 24, 1862. Growing up during the Gilded Age in New York City, Edith used her personal knowledge for the inspiration of her novels. In 1921 she became the first woman to win the Pulitzer […]

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What Is A Mason Bee House?

What are Mason Bees? The Mason Bee is a type of bee in the Megachilidae family. The name comes from these types of bees using masonry products, such as mud, when constructing their nests. Mason bees are commonly metallic blue or green in color, while others are black or rust red in color. Unlike the […]

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Take A Look At The Jennie Wade House

Jennie Wade was a resident of Gettysburg, PA, during the Battle of Gettysburg. She was born on May 21, 1843 and died on July 3, 1863 at just 20 years old. She was killed during the Battle of Gettysburg, and was the only civilian killed at this time. Jennie, her mother, and her two brothers […]

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Check Out The Margaret Mitchell House

Margaret Mitchell was an American novelist and journalist. She was born in Atlanta, Georgia on November 8th, 1900. Her father was an attorney and her mother was a suffragist. Additionally, Margaret attended Smith College in Northampton, Massachusetts. In 1925 she married John Marsh, which was her second marriage. Her first marriage ended in divorce in […]

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All About Steve Jobs' House

Steve Jobs was a famous American businessman born in San Francisco, CA, on February 24, 1955. He was famous as a media proprietor and investor as well. Jobs was also recognized as the “Father of the Digital World.” He brought a revolution in the field of Information Technology with his unique ideas. In fact, it […]

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Take A Look At Mike Tyson's House

Mike Tyson is an American former professional boxer. He was born in Brooklyn, NY on June 30th, 1966. He is considered to be one of the greatest heavyweight boxers of all time. Tyson holds the record as the youngest boxer ever to win a heavyweight title. He has also been inducted into the International Boxing […]

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What Is The Mercer Williams House?

The Mercer Williams House is a present day museum, formerly known simply as Mercer House. The home was built for Confederate General Hugh Mercer, and designed by architect John S. Norris in the 19th-century Italianate style. Construction started in 1860, but due to the American Civil War, it took longer than normal to complete. Mercer, […]

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Where Is Lionel Messi's House?

Lionel Messi, also known as Leo Messi, is an Argentine professional footballer. He was born on June 24th, 1987, and enrolled in the Royal Spanish Football Federation in 2002. Being one of the great footballers of all time, Messi has won eight Ballon d'Or awards, six European Golden Shoes. As well as the 2021 Copa […]

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What Is The Darwin Martin House?

Darwin D. Martin was a businessman during the early 1900s. He was born in Bouckville, NY on October 25, 1865. Darwin moved to Buffalo, NY to work at the Larkin Company, where he sold soap. He worked tirelessly, 361 days a year. This caused the company to expand, and become rivals in the industry. In […]

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What Does Edith Macefield's House Look Like Today?

Edith Macefield was born on August 21, 1921 in North Bend, OR. She joined the military at a very young age, pretending to be 18, and was sent overseas to England. It was during this time that she learned French and German. When officials discovered she was not yet 18 she was disqualified, but stayed […]

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Where Is Warren Buffett's House?

Warren Buffett is a businessman, investor, and philanthropist. He is the chairman and the CEO of Berkshire Hathaway. Buffet is the 6th wealthiest person in the world. Despite his immense wealth, Buffett lives a frugal lifestyle. He is big on philanthropy, and has pledged to give away 99% of his income to different philanthropic causes. […]

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