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The Modern Feature Wall? Standout Tiles

Feature walls were all the rage for many years, but today, more simplistic use of tiles have taken the top spot in design. With Forbes outlining the varied and unique ways that tiles are being deployed on the floors and walls of the home, the durable and bright nature of many designs is being put to good use in the modern home. From bringing everything from antiquated beauty to the freshness of the forest into the house, tiles are the game changer for customization.

The colonial era Spanish feel

Terracotta is chief among the new wave of unique tile innovations. Their design is plain yet distinct, and they can be used on walls and floors to give a timeless look. Terracotta recently came to media attention with the redesign of Netflix showrunner Nick Kroll’s Los Feliz home, which encompassed the use of terracotta to achieve the antiquated, Spanish-era colonial feel of a light and airy home. Recalling these design hallmarks in a curious modern way is the sign of unique home design.

Terrazzo palatial design

Terrazzo, literally meaning terrace, is another Italian product harking back centuries. Marble chips trodden into the ground provide a very distinct look that has gone in and out of fashion. Of late, they have been used for features, according to The Independent UK. While an entire terrazzo wall can be overbearing or look outdated, use of a single tile can provide almost a picture-frame effect; similarly, small chips of the tile included in other house designs can give a flash of inspiration to keep areas of the home feeling fresh.

Small form, big impact

Innovation in the tile design sector has been led by Crogiolio. According to HotelDesigns, these small-scale tiles can be used individually or scaled upwards with consummate ease to cover entire walls. Once again, the creative use of these tiles is latent; whether on the wall or on the floor, they can add a picture-frame geometry to liven up a living space or simply be a blank canvas on which a room can be based.

Together, these tile trends are making tiling cool again. Rather than a simple stopgap for the wet spaces of the home, they are a legitimate design decision to show off the cool instincts of the home owner. Do away with outdated wallpapers, and look to tiles for your next overhaul.

Avoid These Mistakes When Planning Your Next Bathroom Remodeling Project

Moving things around, unnecessarily falling victim to peer pressure, selecting the wrong flooring, etc., are some bathroom remodeling mistakes you should avoid.

The margin for error on home renovation projects is very less. If you get your decisions and selections bang on, you have an amazingly functional and beautiful bathroom at your disposal. Get it wrong and you will keep regretting all the heavy investments you had made on your renovation project.

Even though many people take help from articles like these to understand the entire process, they end up making some critical mistakes. In this article, we talk to leading design experts and ask them about bathroom remodelling mistakes.

However, before we get to the list of mistakes, let us first look at why people should take bathroom remodelling seriously.

Why Bathroom Remodelling is a Serious Affair?

Let us cut the clatter, explain why bathroom renovations are important and should be taken seriously. For starters, the process itself is cumbersome and time-consuming. You do not want too much back and forth in your renovation process.

Secondly, anyone who says that bathroom renovation is cheap is lying. You will end up spending more on just the bathroom fittings than you would on a new living room sofa! That is a fact, which you can investigate for yourself.

Thirdly, social media has given rise to one highly irritable aspect of our lives- ‘trending’. What trends one season, becomes obsolete the next. This makes people chase the latest trends and bathroom renovation turns into a yearlong affair.

Finally, hygiene and sanitation play a major role in the bathroom space. It is important that you check for adequate drainage and proper sanitation in the bathroom renovation process.

Top Mistakes you should avoid during the Bathroom Renovation Process

  1. Working with the wrong materials-

Even though the wood looks regal and grand, it requires constant maintenance and comes with high servicing costs. If you are not selecting the right wood, you can see a number of issues within a few months, including moulding and rotting. Many people make the mistake of thinking about one-time costs when they should think about services and maintenance.

  1. Losing focus on the functionality part-

A bathroom is not about all the ‘wows’ you will get from outsiders. It is about you using it on an everyday basis. Once the euphoria ends, functionality will start appearing to be more important than mere design. This is why you should plan the spaces accordingly, as well as invest in the right fittings, plumbing and flooring.

  1. Being driven by peer pressure-

Many people (who can be considered as well-wishers) might tell you to do a number of things during the makeover. From suggesting designers to helping, you pick out products for your bathroom renovation. Be sure to consider the renovation, not as some sort of competition over the most expensive bathtub, or the most aesthetic ceiling chandelier.

  1. Engaging in DIY Projects-

Do you know why DIY bathroom renovation projects appear to be easily done on the screen when in reality, they are impossible to execute? This is because experts, who have tried and tested their expertise, present the same to you and force you to do the same on your bathroom. It is important to avoid such DIY mistakes and to trust an expert for the job always.

  1. Leaving some pending work for a later time-

Sometimes the bathroom renovation goes on for such a long time, which you just want it to end. This makes you compromise on the final touches, which can be very important. These small niggles act as a huge source of the irritant. Most Houston residents looking to remodel their bathroom state that it is essential to complete all the work and then end the renovation.

The Final Word

While eliminating these mistakes in their entirety might not be possible, attempts should be made to cut down on them. Can you think of other simple mistakes, which we often overlook? Let us know below.


Frames on White Background


Our houses are undoubtedly an escape haven from all the chaos of the world, but at some times, we realize that they lack a surreal look and tranquility. With constant use and passage of time, different items in the house wear out, which does not look pleasing to the eye. Revamping the space is a brilliant idea as it gives you an opportunity of decorating the home.

Renovation is a play of mind, and it is neither bound to limits nor does it follow any rules. The process is all about innovation, and you can try different home improvement ideas to add grandeur to your house. A smart way of upgrading is to make use of every inch and make it more functional. Besides, revamping provides you with a chance to carry out repair and maintenance.

The contemporary world offers a plethora of options, and the Internet also gives you several home improvement ideas. Some common ways of updating your house include changing the paint of one wall, incorporating different colors in one room, or rearranging pieces of furniture to provide the area with a fresh feel. But these are some overly done ideas. Usually, people want to incorporate new ideas that will make their homes stand out. The process of upgrading a house with quirky ideas is challenging and requires earnest efforts, but it is doable.

Below we are listing some creative ideas that will give your home a brilliant yet unique makeover:

  1. Customized Walls

A contrast wall in the room makes it prominent and makes the room appear chic. Although it seems alluring, the idea is old, and over the years many people have tried it. To upgrade your home, you can have a contrast wall and then adorn it with unique frames. It is an excellent way of bringing your personality to your home. Hanging your child’s artwork, a favorite painting, or some family photographs may give the room a personal touch, but it is a regular pattern. Another way of accessorizing the wall is by displaying cards that hold sentimental value or some pieces of writing that speak to you.

Often, a place holds a special significance, and people want to give that place some space in their house. Displaying souvenirs is a good idea but not a unique one. A quirky way of showing your affection is by hanging a map art on the prominent wall. The map in a frame will appear sleek and give the walls an appealing look. The map will also become a focal point and will add some opulence to your dull space.

  1. Skylight

It is no news that sunlight has innumerable benefits, and houses that do not get natural light give a feeling of suffocation. An excellent way of paving the way for natural light in your home is to install skylight options. Different options provide you with control, and if you feel that the sun rays are harsh, you can dim it down. Contrary to popular belief, skylights and roof windows are two distinctive things, as the former is more versatile. Lights offer some control to the residents and come with various installation options. Installing skylights in your home will add an oomph factor and save you some bucks in the electricity bill.

  1. Foyer

The entrance should have welcoming elements as it creates the first impression.  You can put a planter as plants have the in-built quality of freshening up space.  Some wall hangings with warm welcome quotes will also send a great message about you as a host. A classy chandelier or vibrant paintings on the walls are some great ways of decorating an entryway. Many people tend to put a shoe rack, and if you must, you can get a customized built-in cabinet and paint the door of it. The recessed cabinet will give the foyer a sleek look, and decorative pieces will reflect your personality. Moreover, you can place a cage of birds or hang wind chimes to give your entrance some pleasing effect.

  1. Multi-Functional Furniture

Your home should accumulate all the things that you need, but it should not clutter up space. In the modern world, a vast majority lives in compact homes. Two-in one kinds of furniture pieces are ideal for small spaces. Besides, having minimal yet functional items of furniture adds grandeur to the overall look of the house. Place the dining table in the center where you can also use it for other purposes. Convertible sofas, tables with drawers, and versatile coffee tables are a few examples of multi-functional furniture, which gives your house a minimalistic yet luxurious touch.

  1. Accessorize with Interesting Items

A house needs various accessories, and instead of sticking to one theme, you can have a mix of different items. Use distinctive textiles for your throw pillows and rugs. You can put some vintage and a few modern showpieces on the shelves to give your house a distinct feel. An exciting way of accessorizing your space is to decorate your nightstand with a variety of things. Put some small sculptures, scented candles, and distinctive bows altogether on a shelf. Your house should have shades of your personality, and you should decorate it with things that appeal to you. For instance, if you are a bibliophile, you can have book racks, and quotes displayed, while someone fond of gardening would appreciate hanging planters. Accessories tell a lot about yourself, and renovation is an ideal time to add some new items.



People revamp their house for different reasons, but once they have accomplished the task of renovation, they feel a sense of pride. Changing the flooring or ceiling, or upgrading a bathroom or kitchen are common home improvement ideas. If you want to give your dwelling an eccentric feeling, you need to think out of the box and try some unique ideas. No need to follow any rule while updating your home as it is a personal space, and it should have the elements of your taste. Revamping a house is an exhausting yet an enjoyable process, but if you put your heart and soul in it, the results make all the hard work worthwhile.

The History and Architecture of Two Prudential Plaza

Two Prudential Plaza is currently the 6th tallest building in Chicago and the 13th tallest in the United States. Various companies are stationed in the massive building, including consulates and Chicago radio stations. Construction on the building began in 1988 and finished nearly two years later in 1990. The building is very visible in Chicago skyline from many viewpoints. It made the Aon Center building stick out less due to this building quite tall itself.

Take a look at photos below of Two Prudential Plaza below. The building is built on a Caisson foundation and is made of concrete. The building also has a pyramid roof with a spiral on top that adds to its uniqueness.


Height: 995 Feet

Stories: 64

Completed: 1990

Location: 180 N. Stetson Av. Chicago, Illinois United States

Architect: Loebl, Schlossman & Hackl / Stephen T. Wright

Architectural Style: Postmodernism

Best Watches for Architects and Designers

Buying a watch today can be a perplexing experience. Not only are there so many timepieces to choose from, there are many types of watches with prices ranging from a dollar to the price of a Tesla. So which to buy? The flashy, blingy watch? The chrome digital “old school” watch? The complex gadget watch? To help the beginner and experienced watch customer, Urban Splatter cuts through the bs with our introductory buyer’s guide to modern watches.

Watches are critical for designers that run busy lives and have time sensitive meetings with executives. As an architect I can recommend the following fashionable pieces of design.

Timex Men’s South Street Sport Watch

The watch is thin but full sized. The indiglo backlight works well. Time is kept exactly. The band is modest but neat.

  • Silver-tone 18mm stainless steel expansion band fits up to 8-inch wrist circumference
  • Black dial with day & date window at 3 o’clock; full Arabic numerals
  • Silver-tone 36mm brass case with mineral glass crystal
  • Indiglo light-up watch dial
  • Water resistant to 30m (100ft): in general, withstands splashes or brief immersion in water, but not suitable for swimming or bathing
Showcasing a rich face offset by hour markers, the Timex Men’s Analog Expansion Band Dress Watch nicely complements sophisticated business wear. Constructed with a brass case, the watch includes a stationary brass bezel and a comfortable wristband. A strong mineral window shields the dial, which features large Arabic numeral hour markers encircling discreet Arabic numeral indexes that display the 24-hour clock cycle. The face also includes slim minute indexes and a day-and-date calendar at three o’clock. Powered by quartz movement, this handsome timepiece is water resistant to 99 feet (30 meters). On Day/Date watches, the Date changes first, then the Day.


Seiko Men’s SNK615 Automatic Stainless Steel Watch

This classic watch matches with anything slightly business casual. The dark blue background nicely contrasts with the hours.

Price: $100-$150

  • Imported
  • Precise 21 Jewel Japanese Automatic movement
  • Hardlex crystal; Brushed and polished stainless steel case and bracelet
  • Day function in english and spanish; Date function
  • Blue dial with silver tone hands and hour markers; yellow sweeping second hand; Luminous; Exhibition case back
  • Water-resistant to 99 feet (30 M)

This stylish automatic watch by Seiko features a clean and simple timepiece. This is a perfect watch for everyday wear.

Hidden behind the Seiko Men’s Automatic Stainless Steel Watch’s classic analog design are high-tech progressive elements like a day and date function in two languages (English and Spanish) and precise 21-jewel Japanese automatic movement, a feature that means this watch never needs batteries or winding; it is powered automatically by the movement of your arm. Time of day is displayed on a blue analog dial that showcases luminous silver-toned hands and luminous silver-toned baton hour markers. The dial also features a day and date window at the three o’clock position, and is protected by a Hardlex crystal and backed by a stainless steel case. Keeping all of this securely on your wrist is a stainless steel link bracelet that closes with a double-push-button fold-over safety clasp. Other features include a custom crown at the four o’clock position and water-resistance to 99 feet (30 meters).

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Casio A168WG-9 Men’s Vintage Gold Metal Band Illuminator Chronograph Alarm Watch

  • Water Resistant, EL Backlight, Daily Alarm
  • 1/100 second digital stopwatch Measuring capacity: 23’59.99″ Measuring modes: Net time, split time, 1st-2nd place times, Hourly Time Signal, Auto Calendar
  • Accuracy: +/-30 seconds per month, Battery CR2016, Approx. battery life: 7 years
  • Module 1275
  • Size of case / total weight: 37.5 x 33.5 x 9.5mm / 58g

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MVMT Men’s Minimalist Vintage Watch with Analog Date

Simple, yet elegant watch face and nice metal band. The watch has some heft and feels substantial. It’s certainly a refined watch. Everyone says the size of the face is also nice.

  • Featuring a classic, minimalist style, this watch has a 45MM diameter, 9MM thick case; movement is battery-powered 3-hand Miyota Quartz with date
  • Strap is tan and constructed with 100% genuine leather; it’s also easily interchangeable should you feel like exploring different strap styles
  • The silver case is made from durable brushed stainless steel, and hardened mineral crystal provides the glass with enhanced durability; silver hands and markers and a black second hand complement a white dial
  • This watch is both stylish and durable, with weatherproofing up to 3 ATM/30 Meters; the watch is suitable for carefree daily use, but it should not be submerged in water
  • Designed in the USA at MVMT’s Los Angeles headquarters; we’re confident you’ll love our watches, so we offer a two-year guarantee on everything we make

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First in the Nordgreen collection of Danish designer watches the Native is a timeless design meant to reinforce the relationship between the timepiece, the user, and the enduring aesthetics of its vibrant capital, Copenhagen. With its intention designed against the balanced image of the city, this timepiece is stative of a work-life balance, a balance for sustainability, and a balance between aesthetics and functionality. Up close, the Native’s design reveals a rounded appearance from the hour and minute hands, hour marks, watch case, to the lugs all highlighted by a clean dial. The transparent minute marks appear under direct light but are otherwise less evident because, in Copenhagen, we don’t count the minutes; we enjoy the moment.
Choose between a black, white, or navy dial, depending to add to your desired watch style. The case sizes for the Native model range from 32mm, 36mm, to 40mm. Choose gunmetal, gold, silver, or rose gold dial for your Native watch case style. Our straps are interchangeable to pair with your style and not the other way around. Match your model with straps that suit you best! Choose between leather, mesh, rubber, nylon, or vegan leather strap styles for your desired classic or trendy look. All you have to do is select a model. Select a watch size and color. Pick a strap. That’s all.

Casio F91W-1 Classic Resin Strap Digital Sport Watch

  • Luminous rectangular dial with alarm and stopwatch
  • 33 mm case
  • Quartz movement with digital display
  • Three-link bracelet with fold-over clasp closure. LED light
  • Water resistant. Withstands splashes or brief immersion in water, but not suitable for swimming.
  • Accuracy: ±30 seconds per month


Amazing price. Reliable watch with invaluable date as well as time and alarm. No other confusing bells and whistles.

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Timex Unisex Weekender 38mm Watch

Are you ready for the weekend? This is the perfect watch when you just feel like being yourself. A textured play on our classic Weekender collection gives you fun options to customize your straps depending on your outfit or mood.

  • Adjustable olive green 20 millimeter nylon slip-thru strap fits up to 8-inch wrist circumference. The case finish is polished
  • Cream dial with full Arabic numerals; 24-hour military time
  • Silver-tone 38 millimeter brass case with mineral glass crystal
  • Indiglo light-up watch dial
  • Water resistant to 30 meter (100 feet): In general, withstands splashes or brief immersion in water, but not suitable for swimming or bathing

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Overall Thoughts

You can not go wrong with any of the reputable watches in this guide. Feel free to discuss your favorite watches in the comments below!

4 Tips For Designing Your First Retail Store

Opening a new retail store is a major undertaking for any person or business. Even with e-commerce dominating the landscape, there is still an art to producing an effective retail outlet, and a well-designed store will maximise your chances of success. Here are four design tips for designing your first retail store.

Choose The Right Floor Plan

One of the most important decisions that you need to make when designing a retail store is deciding on the right floor layout. Put simply, your floor layout is the way that you arrange everything on your shop floor. The relative positions that you choose for your stock, your main displays, your sales counters, and the pathways that you create through your store will all affect the way that your store feels for customers and staff.

Not only this, but the floor layout that you choose will also have an impact on your sales. There is a science to producing an effective floor plan for a retail store, and more psychology goes into it than many people realise. Of course, every business is different and will have different stock and customer demographics. As a result, there is no one-size-fits-all approach to your floor plan; it’s something that you should put some serious thought into.

Lead By Example

One of the most difficult things to get right when designing a floor plan for retail space is creating the right pathways for customers to follow. Stores need to strike the right balance between enabling customers to move through the store efficiently while also encouraging them to walk past as many products as possible. Whether you are aware of it or not, just about every store and shopping mall that you have ever been in has been carefully laid out so that you pass by as many of the stands and products on offer as possible.

Some store managers get hung up on the seemingly-insignificant decision of whether you layout the store so that customers travel clockwise or counterclockwise. While this sounds like a completely arbitrary decision, there is actually some genuine psychology behind it. Studies have shown that the side of the road people drive on affects their natural tendencies when they are exploring a store. People from Australia and the UK, where people drive on the left, are more likely to turn left and travel clockwise when they enter a store. Conversely, people that usually drive on the right will do the opposite.

Invest In Good Security

Designing a safe and secure retail store for both your staff and customers should be a top priority. Not only will a lack of security leave your stock and other assets at risk, but the damage caused by someone trying to force entry to the premises can also be very expensive. The best defence against this is one of deterrence. If your store looks secure when it is closed, then potential thieves passing by are less likely to target you.

For example, an easy way of immediately making your store a less attractive target is to invest in roller shutters. Rollersmart Roller Shutters will keep your store more secure when it’s closed without impacting on its appearance when it’s open. Not only are Rollersmart’s shutters made to a high-quality from marine grade aluminium but they can also be controlled via mobile phone, which is relatively unique. Rollersmart staff can also provide you with recommendations prior to installation to ensure that you get the right shutters for your store.

Choose The Right Quantities Of The Right Products

Ideally, you want to have everything that you sell in your store represented on the shop floor. If customers can’t see the products, they cannot buy them. We have already touched on the importance of positioning your products in the right places, but you also need to decide on a suitable quantity for each. For example, it makes more sense to have your most popular products displayed the most prominently so customers can easily find them. You should also keep a reasonable number of each product on the shop floor so that displays can be easily replaced.

Research has consistently shown that stores with more products on display will make more sales. Customers like variety, even if they are only in your store for a single, specific product. A well laid-out retail store is more likely to attract impulse buys. This means that someone might come into your store to by a single specific item but then end up buying something else on impulse.

Designing your retail store the right way will make an enormous difference in terms of both the experience that your customers have and the profitability of your business. Don’t just lay everything out haphazardly, and don’t be afraid to take your design cues from other successful stores.


How do you choose the best home office Chair?

Chairs are very important pieces of furniture. These are omnipresent items that can be found in every context. Whether you are in your personal space or your work, chairs are a necessity. The quality, material, making, and design of these chairs makes an elemental difference to the health, comfort, and convenience of the occupants. At the office, employees require to sit on these chairs for a long stretch. If they are not comfortable, performance deteriorates, work hours are lost, and health is affected in the long-run. Additionally, the aspect of aesthetics and blending with the rest of the room decor is just as important.

Tips to bear in mind while selecting home office chairs

When you will be buying a home office chair, it is often done in smaller numbers as compared to larger corporate setups. Even then the investment involved for a small or a medium scale company is a considerable one. Hence to make the most of this investment there are a few tips that must be borne in mind. Let us take a look at them.

Height mattersAlways look for a chair whose height can be adjusted. Not all the employees of an office will be of the same height. Employees have to use it 8-9 hours daily on an average. So, take care of the heights of the chairs you are buying for the home office. The adjustable height as per the requirements of the users is the best way to make every chair usable to everyone.

The backrest is elementalThe backrest of the chair is also very important. Often employees need to sit in different postures throughout the day. Many of them can have spinal problems for which they might need a straight back position. However, some employees might need to tilt backward at times throughout the day to relax their back muscles. Look for chairs whose backrest can be adjusted as per individual requirements. Also, look for a back that matches the human’s back contour.

The seat dimensionThe other aspect that affects the user’s comfort is the width and the depth of the seat. Deep seats make tall people comfortable but shorter people must go for shallower seats.

The material of the seatIf the chairs are going to be used for a long period, then you should go for seats made out of breathable material. Plastic or leather seats can make you or your employees uncomfortable.

Arm RestOffice chairs with armrest can make you comfortable and can release the stress of your neck and shoulders. However, the armrests must be adjustable and the user should be able to adjust the height of the armrest.

The facility of repairs mattersIf you are the purchase guy always look for office chairs whose spare parts are easily available in the market. Preferably buy office chairs from a dealer who can extend immediate repair services if a chair broke down.

Surveys and research have proven the fact that an individual spends about 40 hours a week on their office chair. This makes about 1900 hours a year. This is a huge number. So the next time the management invests in home office chairs they must give the matter a prudent thought.


C:\Users\abid khan\Downloads\pexels-photo-463996.jpeg

Image Source

A historic house can be of two different types. It can either be hundreds of years ago, or one categorized by the National Register of Historic Places as significant. Whether you are a homeowner looking at remodeling a historic house, or someone who wants to buy one and renovate it, it is challenging to undertake. Despite people having an attachment towards old landmarks, the evolution of practices and building materials makes it difficult for them to renovate old houses and buildings and preserve their original form. Historic homes have character. They contain plaster walls and old architectural windows, which you usually do not find in newer ones.

If you are someone who owns a historic home and wants to know about the challenges you may face during a renovation project, this article will be helpful. Renovation problems are not only common amongst historic houses, as some of them may also come up when renovating newer ones. Today, we will share with you six challenges you might face in renovating a historic house. These six challenges are listed as follows:


If you already own an old estate and want to renovate it, a perfect place to start your renovation project would be from the outside. It is now time to tackle that jungle that has grown out of proportions as nobody was there to look after it and maintain it. Ensure that you have everything you need to start the yard renovation. Equipment such as gloves, shears, fertilizers, and scissors is a must if you wish to navigate it.

You might see a lot of weed growth and untrimmed bushes and trees. Dive right in with your shears and scissors and remove any weeds and prune or trim out trees to give them new life. However, if you do not like to get your hands dirty, then hiring a professional yard maintenance service will be your best bet. And if you are living in any state of US like Florida, California, or Texas, then you can browse to find names such as tree pruning Austin TX, and avail the services they offer.


Plumbing and electrical wiring issues are things present in every old home. During the 1950s, contractors used galvanized pipes for both sewer and plumbing lines. Now the problem with this kind of pipe is that it rusts with time. When you decide to renovate your historic home, you should start by removing all old piping and replacing it with newer ones made from PVC or copper to avoid corrosion.

Also, outdated electrical wiring needs to be brought up to code to avoid electrical hazards from occurring. There were no dryers and microwaves during the old times, so, depending on the type of appliances you plan to use inside your home, you need to upgrade the electrical wiring accordingly.


If you own a house built a couple of decades ago, then chances are there is asbestos in the ceiling, ducts, flooring, HVAC system, and roofing, and the paint on your walls may contain traces of lead. If you leave them undisturbed, they will not cause you much harm. However, if you plan to scrape or cut your house floors, ceiling, or ducts, you might inhale the powdered asbestos, which can lead to health issues. You can also test out the existing paint for lead contaminants yourself.

But for every other thing, you will need to hire professional services to conduct a thorough search of your premises for hazardous chemicals and materials. Expect to pay anywhere from 1000 dollars to 2000 dollars to an asbestos removal company, if found inside your old house.


A recent study showed that homebuyers nowadays go for open floor plans, and you cannot find them in old houses. Due to these layouts, finding the space to expand rooms or rearranging something can be difficult with an old house. If you want to have an open space layout inside your old-styled home, you have no other option but to hire a contractor and start from scratch.

You will also need to hire architects and engineers as they are the ones who will come up with a floor plan as per your needs and requirements. Tearing down walls or rearing rooms can cost upwards of thousands of dollars. Not to mention the structural issues that plague an old house.


You must understand the time and money required to renovate an old house. Do not expect your renovation project to complete within a few days. Renovating or restoring an old house requires handmade items, custom designs, and numerous labor hours, which takes much time than a modern home.

Sure, hiring a professional carpenter or working with an experienced builder might allow you to save some time, but do not be unreasonable with them. Don’t expect them to complete the project within a week or two.


When someone owns a historic piece of real estate, chances are it has gone through numerous renovation projects previously. As time passes, so does the interior design trends change along with it. There might be a chance that the kitchen consists of a different architectural style than the dining room, or the one-bedroom follows one theme while the other follows a different one.

Undoing the damage done by previous owners can be an expensive and not so easy task. You may need to hire professional house renovation services to get your house up to date or preserve and restore it.


If you live inside an old but well-maintained home, you probably will not face these challenges, and your renovation will go smoothly. However, with old ones with numerous previous owners, you may require a lot of money and time to correct mistakes done by the previous owners to renovate it according to your taste. So, consider the six challenges we have shared with you today. They will encourage you to take extra precautions and avoid the mistakes done by the previous owners.

How the Recovery From COVID-19 Can Boost Innovative Energy Strategies

The effects of COVID-19 have been far-reaching. Not only is the pandemic an unprecedented global health emergency, but it has also resulted in the worst economic catastrophe since the 1930s. Every part of the global economy has been affected, some more than others and millions of people have lost their jobs and find themselves without any form of income.

Effect of the Pandemic on the Energy Industry

In terms of the energy industry, parts have been harder hit than others. But what is particularly worrying are the predictions that there will be a reduction of at least 20% in global energy investment. Analyses by specialists in the field indicate that the total demand in primary energy is going to drop by about 6% during 2020. This is seven times greater than the drop experienced during the financial crisis that occurred during 2008 and 2009.

Of course, both fossil fuels and renewable electricity is affected, which means there are positives and negatives in the scenario.

More specifically:

  • A decline in the demand for electricity which has resulted in a reduction in demand for coal. Predictions are that the percentage drop will be 8%, the biggest reduction in demand since World War II.
  • Like oil, the demand for natural gas is likely to have a contraction that will be the highest since World War II, even though a figure of only 4% has been cited. However, major price reductions coupled with the increased availability of liquefied gas should see demand increasing rapidly.
  • The demand for electricity has decreased by more than 20% at certain times during the lockdown periods in some parts of the world. As expected, demand in residential buildings has been more constant than those in commercial and industrial buildings, many of which have been shut down because of the virus. Global demand is predicted to fall between 5% and 10% during 2020. On the positive side, power generation from renewable energy is expected to increase because it provides preferential access in many power systems. Operating costs are also lower and there has been welcome growth in capacity with considerable new projects coming online in the past six months.
  • The demand for oil had declined by 25% in April with an average decrease of 8% anticipated for 2020. Demand is likely to increase quite rapidly once economic activity returns to “normal”.
  • Predictions for nuclear power are that it will fall by 2.5% in 2020 compared with 2019 levels, largely because of reduced demand but also because of problems refueling existing projects.
  • Biofuels, which are regarded as one of the most promising renewables, is still not as competitive as oil price-wise, and accessibility has been compromised by reduced transport activity during the pandemic.

The effects of pollution. Picture: Shutterstock

A significant positive is that the drop in demand across the board has led to a significant decrease in air pollution, particularly in cities. But, while we can rejoice that global carbon dioxide levels will be at their lowest since 2010, two realities need to be understood.

  1. The decline in air pollution has little, if anything, to do with structural changes in the energy sector or the way energy is produced and consumed globally. Rather, it is due to a widespread decline in economic activity and travel.
  2. There is no doubt that there will be some kind of rebound of harmful emissions as global economies recover from the worldwide disaster.

With this in mind, the International Energy Agency (IEA) has developed a sustainable recovery plan that addresses the core issues of the current global recession which has led to escalating unemployment worldwide. Key to the plan is the challenge to make energy systems cleaner and more secure.

Sustainable Recovery Report

The IEA’s Sustainable Recovery report, released shortly before the first international Clean Energy Transitions Summit that was held online on 9 July 2020, has been structured for implementation over three years from 2021 until the end of 2023. There are three primary goals: to create employment opportunities for millions of people worldwide, to boost global economies, which we all know are severely disrupted and negatively impacted by the coronavirus, and to accelerate global goals for a clean-energy future.

Current unemployment levels are reminiscent of those in the Great Depression of the 1930s. Picture: Shutterstock

The plan covers six key industry sectors: emerging and innovative low-carbon technologies, electricity, fuels of various kinds, transport, buildings, and industry as a whole. In keeping with its key targets, it considers national and international goals for future economic growth, secure employment for the future, and resilient development goals that are achievable and sustainable.

Recovery Plans Following COVID-19

While governments worldwide are already working on their individual plans for recovery from the chaos caused by the pandemic, not all have included energy as a factor. But the reality is that there are two major choices they can make when deciding on recovery plans, and they hinge on energy. Essentially, the choice is to:

  1. Continue investing in fossil fuels including heavy oils, petroleum, and coal, that contain carbon and produce emissions that result in deadly air pollution both inside and outside of buildings.
  2. Invest in clean, reliable, renewable energy that is economically secure.

Additionally, clean energy will help to create jobs and generate sustainable growth in the economy at a rate that is considerably higher than employment opportunities in the fossil fuel industry.

Unless we take action against climate change, it will continue to take its toll, playing a significant role in natural disasters. At the same time, millions of people die every year because of air pollution which can be limited by human action.

While it is true that renewable energy has had a higher price tag historically, the economics are changing rapidly and in most countries, solar energy now costs less per kilowatt-hour than coal-fired power. Fossil fuels, once the core of the global energy industry, are becoming risky business and demand is slowly decreasing.

While those involved with the construction, operation, and maintenance of buildings need to remain acutely aware of the need to accelerate clean energy transitions, including those that improve air quality and increase energy efficiency in residential, commercial, and industrial buildings, the IEA has focused on innovation technology as a key solution.

Three high-level discussions at the recent summit looked at the need to accelerate clean energy technology innovation, the need to ensure recovery is inclusive and equitable, protecting workers and developing new skills, and emphasized the importance of electricity in the transition to climate-neutral economies.

Ultimately, it was agreed that world leaders, governments, and role players in the energy sector have a historic opportunity to boost innovative energy strategies and improve the sustainability and resilience of energy systems using renewable options instead of fossil fuels.

There is a dire need for all countries to work together, or at least work towards the same goals, to beat COVID-19 and reach the 2030 and 2050 net-zero goals. Let’s do it!

Managing Excavations Successfully Using 7 Cost-Effective Management Techniques

Time Management

One cost-effective tip for being a high-quality construction manager is to manage time effectively. During a construction process, if a specific activity drags on and takes too long to complete, it can have a severe financial impact. For example, during the earthwork phase of a construction project, there are lots of costs associated with all the earthwork equipment. The longer that these machines run, the more money it takes to maintain them and to keep them in good working condition.

One of the best ways to manage time effectively is to create an accurate schedule. This schedule serves as a plan to complete the project in a high-quality fashion and as little time as possible.

A common yet important question When it comes to construction equipment on a project is it decision between wet hire and dry hire. When a company chooses a wet hire approach, this basically means that any given machine will require an operator in your proposal. On the other hand, a dry higher approach means that the company will source its own operator. These two approaches have a considerable impact on the bottom project line. Construction managers take the plant machinery hire process very seriously, as a poor decision can result in severe financial impacts down the road.

Communication is critical

Another key factor for being and effective at a high-quality construction manager is to communicate effectively and consistently. This includes quality communication between owners, architects subcontractors and everyone involved in the project. Good communication leads to a higher likelihood of a construction project being completed on time within budget and with good quality workmanship. If there are issues during the construction process, effective communication.

More than likely results in affective solutions and budgeting controls. It’s important for the general contractor or construction manager to consistently speak with their subcontractors to make sure that their scope of work is accurate and detailed.

Understanding behaviour and emotions

In addition, understanding people’s behaviour, emotions, and psychology can help the project progress. From a company perspective, a good construction manager knows how to motivate his or her coworkers into completing tasks on time and within budget. A good construction manager can also recognize how to understand the owner from a behavioural standpoint. Knowing how to relate to people can make the overall construction process that much more effective.

Problem-solving skills

Another key factor for high-quality construction management is to have great problem-solving skills. Construction is one of the riskiest job markets out there. Before during sometimes, even after the construction process is finished, there are all kinds of problems that can arise. These include but are not limited to financial, manpower, owner indecision, poor architecture and engineering, and legality issues. One of the best ways for problem solving and preparation Is to have a knowledgeable team around you that has extensive construction experience.

It’s important for the architect construction manager and also contractors involved to communicate effectively and consistently to build the best quality building possible.

Priority Evaluation

In addition, a good construction manager understands the importance of priority evaluation. This particular concept can change many times during the construction process. It’s important to know what tasks and priorities the construction manager can take on for herself for himself, and what he should delegate to other members of the team.

Project Budget

An obvious yet critical quality that a good construction manager practices regularly is being mindful of the project budget. It’s important for the construction manager to be cognizant of where the majority of the spending goes at any given phase of the project. A lot of times subcontractors will ask for change orders to perform work, which is fairly common; however, it is paramount that the construction manager recognizes when a change order is a necessity and when a change order this frivolous.

Unfortunately, sometimes construction managers approve of change orders without first going to the owner for their approval. This can result in lost money due to the fact that the owner did not approve these specific change orders.

Trends in the Robotics Industry

Robots have been in the manufacturing industry for a while now. Over the years, and for the last five decades, they have transformed from large, ghastly and expensive machines that needed to work separately from human workers to collaborative, small and safe robots.


Collaborative with human workers and with other robots. This is the current frontier for robotics for those companies that can afford them.

Going forward, what do we expect to see in the robotic industry? Here are some of the trends in the industry that could become the new normal in the use of robots.

Wearable robots

Wearable robots have been in existence for a while now. They have served the military for long ensuring the safety of soldiers.

Over the years, they have made an entrance into the manufacturing industry. Industries such as automobiles deal with heavy parts for their manufacturing process. Wearable robots are taking root in this industry as they have proved themselves quite useful.

Employees in this industry can wear the robots and thus are able to easily and quickly lift and work with heavy equipment and raw materials.

As more and more industries that are similar to the automobile industry experiment with this type of robot, we are likely to see more of them in our factories.

Standing Robots

These are robots that will stand on their feet and work independently.

As populations around the world age, these robots will be useful to run around in the homes as they take care of the elderly.

Further, these robots will also be useful in the restaurant and hotel industry. The future of the hotel and restaurant industry will depend a lot on robots as cooking and meal preparations are repetitive tasks that a robot can easily complete.

Delivery robots

This is already in the pilot phase by leading online retailers. In the online industry, robots are already widely used in the warehouse for receiving and retrieving products from the warehouse shelves. The use of delivery robots will not then be a novel idea and may catch on faster than expected depending on the results of the pilot experiments.

Robots are expected to enhance speed and safety on delivery by reducing the human involvement in delivery.

More investment in the robotics industry

As robots permeate through different strata of society, we can expect to see more and more companies getting into the sector. This means that there will be new robot companies that will help improve the already existing robots or develop totally new types of robots that will serve industries and sections of society that need robots and do not currently have them.

We can expect that the future of robotics will result in new companies, robotic products and innovations.

Cloud Robotics

With more and more companies having adopted cloud computing in the last few years, it is also expected that robots will also go the cloud way. For an industrial robotic arm working on the cloud, it will be able to store more programming instructions for the tasks that it can carry out. It can also communicate with other robots and human monitors easily and quickly.

This will allow for faster set up and learning by the robots when they carry out new tasks.

Smart sensors

This is especially expected to increase and enhance the use of robots in the transport sector and industry. Laser scanners and internet of things will make it possible for more and more fleets of self-driving vehicles to cruise safely on our roads.

This will the herald the introduction of self-driving cars to individuals.


Robots are increasingly gaining acceptance in society and in industry. As this happens, it is expected that there will be an increase and growth in the robotic industry. Robots will revolutionize many industries and homes that are already used to technology advancements and already experimenting with different types of robots for a variety of tasks and reasons.


Plasma Cutting Basics: Everything You Need to Know

Plasma cutters are commonly used in the metalworking industry to create precise, high-quality cuts. Though plasma cutting can seem like a complicated process, it doesn’t have to be overcomplicated. With a little bit of time, you can understand the basics of this impressive machine. Here is a breakdown with everything you need to know.

What is plasma?

First and foremost, let’s get into what plasma is. At some point in your science education, you might remember hearing about plasma. Maybe you remember the three states of matter. If not, here’s a reminder. They are gas, liquids, and solids. The fourth and less commonly talked about is plasma. In order to use plasma to cut through solid things, you have to heat up and ionize the gas.

How it works.

In order to ionize the gas so that it is electrically charged, a series of changes and processes must happen to create plasma which cuts through your desired objects. This ionization of gas adds electrical charge which allows a current of electricity. In simple terms, this electricity is compressed and combined with high heats to make plasma which allows the cutter to make cuts. The torch is the piece on the cutter which localizes the arc for guided precision.

What is a cutter used for?

plasma cutting machine is commonly used in the metalworking industry. You might need a plasma cutter if you work with vehicles, welding, or even manufacturing. Ensure that you’re buying from a well-known company that will provide quality and accuracy for all of your jobs. It’s recommended that you try a plasma cutter before you buy one. With companies like Messer that offer cutters and demos, you can expect reliability, transparency, and high-quality machinery.

The different kinds.

There are manual and mechanized plasma cutters. To determine which is the best for you, you need to consider what you’ll be cutting. One factor is the thickness of metal. How long and often you will be using your plasma cutter also plays a significant role in the one you purchase. As these requirements grow, the cost most likely will, too. More specifically, let’s explore the distinct differences between these two.

Manual systems are easier to start with as they are smaller, use less space, and don’t require any special gases. They are best used with thin metal. Mechanized systems are much bigger, and they are used to cut thick metal. Typically, mechanized cutters need other tools like cutting tables, or a water table to keep the workspace clean. Something else to note is that various gases work with mechanized systems to create the plasma needed for cutting. These gases can be regular air, oxygen, hydrogen.

The gas used in the plasma cutting system also plays a key role in the quality and precision of the cuts you can achieve. The most common gases to use are regular air, oxygen, and hydrogen. The gas you use depends on the metal you are cutting. For example, oxygen is commonly used to cut carbon steel, and hydrogen cuts aluminum. Meanwhile, regular compressed air is the most common, since it is always readily available. Be sure to check with the supplier for which variety will be best for you.

Get protective equipment.

Last but certainly not least, is to purchase safety supplies. You’re working with a tool that can blow out metal sparks which can burn you or catch fire. What this means for you is that you will need eye protection. You need to wear this eye protection with an approved face shield to ensure full-face coverage. Fire-safe gloves, clothes that do not allow exposed skin, and appropriate boots or shoes are also of equal importance.


Plasma cutting is a great tool to utilize for metal-workers all over the world. Though it can seem complicated, the important takeaways are clear. As you have learned more about this tool, you can conclude which cutter is appropriate for you, how to maintain safety, and how to achieve an impressive level of work.

7 Show-Stopping Pieces of Decor for Your Apartment

Tired of your living room looking like a showroom out of the IKEA store? Here are seven unique pieces of décor that’ll steal the show in any interior.

Tired of your living room looking like a showroom out of the IKEA store? Bored with the color scheme or the bland furniture in your bedroom? Need a fresh update but don’t have the funds to redecorate your entire apartment?


We all want our houses and apartments to look special and feel unique, but we don’t always know how to pull that off.


Here’s the bad news:

Furnishing your entire home with brand new items can be expensive.

But here’s the good news:

You don’t need all new furniture to give your place a fresh look.


Sometimes, all you need is one stand out piece.


Ready to spruce up your space? Here are seven unique pieces of décor that’ll steal the show in any interior.


Forest Shadow Light

Regardless of the room, the right lighting fixture can make or break your entire design.


If you’re really ready to take your space to a one-of-a-kind level, check out the Dodecahedron Forest Shadow Light.

The structured geometric shape makes it a stylish addition to any modern room, but what makes this piece so special is the shadows it casts on the walls.


This light casts shadows on the wall that look like trees in the forest. You can set it on the floor, hang it from the ceiling, or place it on a table. The versatile design makes it perfect for use in any room.


Feeling crafty? With the right supplies, you can create a DIY shadow lamp on your own.


If you like the idea of whimsical shadows but don’t want your room to look like a woodsy forest, there are hundreds of stylish lighting fixtures on the market. A bold floor lamp or a colorful chandelier is all it takes to give your home a truly unique look.


Barrel Bistro Table

If you’re a wine fan, the Vintage Oak Wine Barrel Bistro Table is one you’re sure to love. Carved from an old wine barrel, this table boasts a rounded shape with a rustic finish and two matching stools.


The top can be used as a dining table or a serving table, while the barrel itself can be used to hold bottles of wine, glasses, dishes, or other household items.


This set is made in the U.S. from an actual old oak barrel. It comes in a variety of colors, but the antique grey finish is perfect for coordinating with rustic or industrial-chic décor.


The multipurpose construction as both a table and a storage cabinet makes it a great option for a small apartment with limited space.


Geometric Coffee Table

Need a new coffee table? Forget the traditional square, rectangular, and round tables, and opt for a geometric coffee table instead.


This diamond-shaped coffee table is a perfect example of how you can add texture, interest, and a little bit of glamour by adding just one item to your home. It’s elegant and sophisticated without being too feminine or too masculine — a perfect addition to any living room!


Not into the glamorous look? Opt for a diamond-shaped table in wood instead. The rustic nature and geometric angles will fit right into any farmhouse-chic space or casual living room.


Round Accent Chair

Just like coffee tables don’t have to be rectangles, there’s no rule that says chairs have to be square. This cozy Cuddler Chair makes a bold statement in a sleek and modern round silhouette.


Designed to swivel, this round chair is ideal for placing in a corner of any living room or bedroom suite. The extra-wide seat allows you to cuddle up to lounge or read, while large pillows against the back make it super comfortable. Regardless of the color or fabric you choose, the shape alone makes it an eye-catching option.


This chair is sure to become a focal point in any room, and there’s a good chance that both you and your guests will designate it the “best seat in the house.”


Invisible Floating Bookshelf

You don’t need a ton of space to add a unique piece of décor. In fact, with even a tiny amount of wall space, you can use the Conceal Floating Bookshelf to make it look as if your favorite books are floating in mid-air.


The super-slim design is easy to mount to any wall, and once you place a stack of books on top, you won’t even see it.


Ghost Chair

Don’t have a lot of extra space to add a brand new piece of furniture? Even with its clear, transparent design, the Louis Ghose Chair makes a bold statement.


The shape is classic and timeless. The polycarbonate construction makes it modern. Combined, it’s a stand-out piece that you could use at a kitchen table, a dining table, a vanity table, or as an accent in an entryway.


It’s ideal if you want to add a unique piece that won’t make your room look cluttered.


3D Wall Panels

A little bit of texture goes a long way, and adding 3D Wall Panels is a cool way to give an interior a unique, modern feel.


These wall panels come in all sorts of textures, patterns, shapes, and styles. All you need is some adhesive to install them. You can leave them white or paint them to contrast or blend with your existing décor.


You can go be extra-bold and cover an entire room with these panels or add a pop of texture by mounting a few on one accent wall. From waves to 3D blocks to braille patterns, these wall panels will surely steal the show in any room.



You don’t have to spend thousands of dollars to give your home a fresh, new look. Sometimes, a single piece of furniture or a simple piece of décor is all it takes to turn a bland room into an exciting space.


When shopping for décor, look for pieces in unexpected shapes, unique finishes, and bold textures. How you decorate your house or apartment is entirely up to you, so get creative and have fun with it!

9 Apartment Makeover Tricks to Try [Design Hacks!]

Want to make your apartment look stylish and unique? Want to add more personality to your living space? Here are nine apartment makeover tricks to try today!

9 Apartment Makeover Tricks to Try [Design Hacks!]

Spending so much time in your apartment lately may have made it apparent how badly you need to spruce it up. Since you also have more free time with this quarantine looming over you, now is the time to do something about it.

These apartment makeover tricks are just what you need to get started. They might not all be your cup of tea, but we’ve included a wide variety for everyone to find something that they would like to try.

1. Jazz Up Your Couch

For most people, the best place to relax is on their couch. This makes it the perfect place to start when making your apartment over.

So, how can you jazz up your couch?

First of all, there’s only so much you can do with the couch without buying a whole new one. The best way to make your couch a better sitting oasis is with carefully chosen accessories.

Find some throw pillows that speak to you. Whether you want quirky pillows, luxuriously soft pillows, or stylish ones, make sure you have a coordinated plan for the rest of the couch.

For example, you will want to buy matching throw blankets for those chilly nights. And you’ll want to cover up any spots you don’t want visitors to see.

If you want to go with a whole new color scheme, you can find many different sofa covers that will transform your couch.

2. Add Color to Your Kitchen

Many apartment managers choose white as a default for their walls and appliances. This tends to make the kitchen look like a hospital. What is really needed is some color to liven up the place.

You may think that you can’t do much since you are renting, but you are wrong! There are so many ways to add color to an apartment that won’t make you lose your deposit.

They make vinyl that you can stick just about anywhere to add a more vibrant feel to your kitchen. You can cover your drab white fridge with this, or even your cabinets.

You can have even more peel-and-stick fun by using peel-and-stick backsplash tiles. Add a colorful backsplash to your kitchen without making any permanent changes to your apartment!

3. Bring Luxury to Your Bedroom

Your bedroom should be a place that brings you peace and tranquility. Your bed is your sanctuary, and it deserves some attention.

Buy yourself a new bedspread and extra soft pillows that are made of luxurious fabric. Get some high-quality sheets while you’re at it.

Add a super soft rug on both sides of the bed to welcome your feet every morning.

You can also improve the atmosphere in your bedroom with candles, flowers, and calming artwork.

4. Coordinate Your Bathroom

Do you have mismatched bathroom towels, a random bathmat, and a generic shower curtain? You aren’t the only one, but a coordinated bathroom looks so much more put together.

Take things in your bathroom up a notch by investing in a plush bath rug with a matching shower curtain, towels, washcloths, and bathroom accessories. You can even add cute little bathroom artwork to bring it all together.

You can also cover your counters with waterproof contact paper to personalize your bathroom even further.

5. Increase Your Storage Space

Every apartment could benefit from some extra storage space. Taking your time to add storage space will help you get your clutter under control.

You can add more storage space by adding a behind-the-couch sofa table. This table only has to be about a foot wide, but it’ll give you a spot for storing books, remotes, and other things. Plus, it comes in handy for drinks and snacks while you’re watching TV.

Corner shelving can add a lot of storage space without taking away precious floor space.

You can add hooks to just about any area and find a use for them. For instance, you might hang some in your apartment entryway and use them for your keys, umbrella, jackets, and hats.

Another good place to add hooks is inside cabinets and closets. This adds some vertical storage space on surfaces that might otherwise go unused.

Oh, and add an extra shelf at the bottom of every closet to store extra shoes and boxes!

6. Transform Your Floors

When it comes to the floors, you might have thought that they are untouchable in a rental, but that is not so. There are a couple of ways that you can transform the floors in your apartment.

You can buy peel-and-stick flooring for your bathroom or kitchen floors. It’s easy to remove when you’re moving out.

And room-sized area rugs can make the entire room look different.

7. Change the View Above

If you paint your ceilings, you will be surprised by the drastic effect that it has on the apartment.

Adding a mural of the night sky in your bedroom might help you sleep. Painting your bathroom or hallway ceilings a dark and dramatic color will definitely make an impact.

Get creative and see how much change can be brought about from changing your view above.

8. Bring in Some Greens

Decorating with fake or real plants can help to make your apartment feel less stuffy and more natural.

An ivy plant hanging from a window or shelf can bring in a tropical feel, as do some big floor plants.

Succulents are trending, and they are super easy to care for. Many are tiny enough to place just about anywhere.

9. Finishing Touches

If you don’t see yourself spending the weekend redecorating your apartment, there are still some small ways that you can spruce up your place.

Adding small details, like some decorative switch plate covers, doorknobs, or cabinet pulls, can take your apartment from blah to ta-da!


Did you get some inspiration from any of these ideas? The main thing to take away is this:

Even if you’re a renter, you can still personalize your apartment to fit your unique style.

You aren’t limited to just your choice of furniture. There are many ways to change your apartment that are temporary but effective in creating a stylish home.

Transform a Living Room Without Buying New Stuff [5 Ways]

Tired of your living room? Don’t have money to spend on redecorating? We got you! Here are five ways to take decor you already own and transform your space!

Transform a Living Room Without Buying New Stuff [5 Ways]

Sometimes we look around our living room and know that we want something different, but we’re not sure what. Starting from scratch and replacing everything is out of the question, and moving the couch isn’t quite enough of a change.

Maybe your tastes have changed from when you first set up your living room. Or you might feel bored with the same old thing after too long. Either way, you’d love a transformation — if you could only afford it!

Good news! You don’t have to break into your savings to have a brand new-looking living room. These tips will help you transform your current space into something totally different using decor you already own.


1. Declutter First

To get a full idea of what you already have and what you want to change, you need to declutter. Grab a few boxes or totes and a trash bag, put on some feel-good music, and start digging through your stuff with purpose.

Begin your decluttering process by emptying drawers and surfaces. Look at each item and decide whether you really need it or not. As a general rule, throw out anything that you haven’t used in over one year, or pack it away for storage.

Other tips to consider as you go through your living room include:

  • Sorting unused or unwanted items into a donation pile
  • Moving things from the living room that belong somewhere else
  • Finding a better place to store miscellaneous items that don’t have to be in the living room
  • Cleaning as you go, including wiping down surfaces, walls, and baseboards

When you have less clutter, you have more room to rearrange your current decor and decide what needs updating. You might even come up with ideas for things you forgot you had!

2. Rearrange Your Furniture Setup

Moving your furniture around, especially when you have a lot of room to play with different ideas, can be fun! Try to plan in your head or on paper what could fit where before you start the heavy lifting, though.

If you aren’t comfortable with your own imagination when it comes to interior decorating, don’t worry! There’s an app for that. You can download any virtual room designing tools and come up with new looks before you lift a finger to move your stuff.

With most of these apps, all you need is a picture of the room you want to design. Think about the furniture in your other rooms, too. You might want to move some around to freshen up the look.

An app can give you outside-of-the-box ideas, but if you don’t want to use one, get creative yourself! Try ignoring the urge to line your furniture up with walls and leave open space around your couch and chairs instead.

3. Repurpose Your Stuff

Reusing and repurposing gently used items is a popular hobby today. The days of throwing perfectly functional, but outdated, possessions away and replacing them with new are over.

Now, protecting the environment and stashing away money into a savings nest egg is more important than keeping up with the Jones’.

Do these smart money moves and ecosystem savers sound more like your style?

Then you might want to look into repurposing furniture or decor you already have to transform your room.

For instance, you can turn a barely used bookshelf into a display for pictures or your collections. Or buy some artificial flowers and use empty decorative baskets to store them. Once you’ve mastered the design, use your project as a centerpiece to show off!

The DIY repurposing hobby is trending. There’s never been a better time to hit up a thrift shop and buy used!

4. Pull Out Your Holiday Decor

People who leave up their holiday decor on their lawn all year long aren’t always doing it for the style. Sometimes, they find it easier than taking everything down and putting it back up.

But you can use your holiday decorations purposefully to enhance your home’s interior design.

Pull out your boxes of packed-away traditions and see if there’s anything that could be multi-purposed throughout the year. Christmas lights, garland, and artificial flowers, for instance, are not just for holidays!

You could line your fireplace mantle or doorway with the twinkling bulbs or use them on your patio for ambient lighting. Hang garland anywhere there’s an open space waiting for you to spruce it up. Garland is the perfect trim for shelf edging!

If you have colorful decorations, they can add splashes of vibrancy and fun to any room. Think creatively and make better use of the decor hidden away through most of the year!

5. Use Your Walls to Decorate

Bare walls are the perfect canvas to show off your personality. Some people prefer to cover an empty surface with a large framed print or tapestry. But if you have a lot of memorabilia, this is your chance to display it all in the open.

Use stand-alone or hanging shelves to cover walls and showcase your collections. Or favorite books or family photographs, etc.

Or, if you have a lot of pictures or themed objects sitting around collecting dust, you could do a gallery wall instead!

Start by gathering everything together and then sort it into categories based on similar elements. Maybe all your pictures or albums have the same color in them, or your paintings are of the same theme.

Then lay out those items you separated into a pattern on the floor and play around until you are happy with what you see. Transfer the design to fill up the empty surface for a gallery wall of your favorite things!


Transforming your living room doesn’t require a magic wand or an unlimited bank account. You can do it by using decor items already lying around your house!

3 Major Types Of Hot Water Systems for Your Home

The Northern Beaches is a region in Sydney where people can enjoy the great outdoors and experience the rich Australian culture. The area includes the famous Sydney Harbour in the south, the Middle Harbour in the west, and the edges of the Broken Bay in the north. Locals and tourists visit the region because of its world-class surf beaches and picturesque ocean pools. They also frequent the area for some penguin and dolphin watching. Aside from these activities, the Northern Beaches is also popular for its annual Taste of Manly event that takes place every May. Music lovers also head over to the area each October for its Manly’s Jazz Festival. Because of these events, more than 250,000 people living in the region as of 2016 are fortunate to experience these attractions all the time.

More people began moving into this part of Sydney since the 1960s when the roads leading to the suburbs improved, and the living standards in the region started to improve. For this reason, more houses began to sprout within the district. More houses are being built or developed in the area, which is why homeowners look for home conveniences like hot water systems to provide an uninterrupted supply of hot water for their households. For those who intend to install this system at home, they need a Northern Beaches hot water company that can help set up this system in their property. They also need to choose which type would work best, depending on their needs.

Here are the top three types of hot water systems that every homeowner from Northern Beaches can get for their homes.

Electric Hot Water Systems

The electric hot water systems are one of the most prevalent water systems in most houses in Australia today. People choose it because it is usually cheaper and more convenient to install, especially if they already have a running electric water system in the past. However, it has the highest running costs among all the other hot water options in the market today.

If the homeowner wants to avail an electric hot water system but would rather save up on their energy consumption, they need to look for a heat-pump hot water system. It typically runs like the usual air conditioner or refrigerator. But instead of emitting cold air, it keeps the water hot by moving heat from a specific place to another rather than generating direct heat.

Gas Hot Water Systems 

For those who want to get a hot water system without paying a high price, they can get the gas version for their homes. However, it only becomes an effective option if there is a piped natural gas present in the area. Fortunately, Northern Beaches residents can enjoy this type of hot water system at home.

If there is no natural gas available, an LPG gas is necessary to make the gas hot water systems work. But this option can become more expensive compared to the natural sources.

Renewable Energy Hot Water Systems

Nowadays, more homeowners want to reduce their carbon footprints in every item that they invest in for their properties. This type of hot water system is often more expensive, yet it can help homeowners save more money in the long run. It only needs the energy from the sun to operate, so the homeowners no longer have to pay high-energy fees or purchase an LPG tank to have a steady supply of hot water.


Those who want to invest in renewable energy hot water systems should make sure that they live in an area with a steady amount of sunlight. They can contact a reliable Northern Beaches hot water company to check if the location of the house has a direct solar source to provide power for their hot water system.

Picking the right hot water system could be a complicated task if homeowners do not have an idea of what to get in the first place. They can talk to the experts from a credible plumbing company to get more information regarding the type of hot water system to install in their property. Once they get the type of hot water system for their home, they can enjoy sufficient amounts of hot water for different purposes.


Casinos Are Moving To The Digital Age Leaving Architecture In The Dust

There was a time when people used to throng to traditional casinos and experience gambling with real dealers. There is a different sense of excitement and glamour that is associated with the atmosphere and vibe of a real casino. But, with the increasing popularity of online casinos in the past few years, many traditional casinos have been left in the dust.

One of the main reasons that has led to this shift is the fact that playing online casino games is not much different than gambling in a traditional casino. In fact, online casinos come with the added benefit of letting you indulge in your favorite game of gambling anywhere and anytime you want.

Another reason that has spiked the demand for online casinos is the wide range of game options you get to choose from. Unlike brick and mortar casinos, online casinos even let you try out a lot of games for free, allowing you to brush up your gambling skills before you actually get started playing with real money.

Lastly, online casinos also help you with quick, safe and easy transactions that make your gambling experience all the more exciting and fun. Have you played at an online casino yet?

How to Make a New House Feel Like Home After Moving 

22 percent of American adults have relocated this year due to a combination of the ongoing pandemic, social unrest, and economic uncertainty, with most of them moving from large cities to small towns and suburbs. Moving into a new house can be an emotional experience. The idea of living in a new house can be exciting, but it can also make you feel sad having to say goodbye to your previous home, especially if you’ve lived there for a long time and created special memories. Sure, you (and maybe your family and pets) live there, but making a new house feel safe, comfortable, and relaxing takes quite a bit of time and effort. To nurture a sense of home in a new house, these are some of the things you can do.

Hang art and photos 

It’s easier for a house to feel like a home when it’s filled with photos of the people you love. Seeing familiar faces smiling at you will instantly warm up your home and bring you much-needed comfort during the transitional period. While at it, hang your art pieces as well. Hanging art in your new house not only gives you a boost of pleasure every time you look at it but also instills your unique personality and interests into the house. Treasured mementos and items that remind you of your childhood home can also create a warming energy and homey feel. When hanging anything, it’s a good idea to use removable hanging hooks instead of a hammer and nails in case you need to move things around later.

Secure your home 

One of the key elements of a home is knowing that you, your loved ones, and your belongings are safe when in there. To make your home feel safe, you can start by changing the locks. Even if the previous owner handed over all their keys, you can’t be sure of whether or not they had made copies. By changing the locks, you’ll know that you’re the only one who can access your home. You can boost security further by installing security cameras and a smart doorbell. Another thing that will give you peace of mind is getting insurance coverage for your new home to protect you from massive losses that could result from a break-in, fire, water damage, and other factors. While you’re at it, consider getting a home warranty to ensure that you’re covered, should your major appliances need repair or replacement.

Give it a new paint job 

Painting your new home is not just a fun activity for you and your family to engage in during the weekend; it’s also a great way to put your “stamp” on the new home and bring a little of your personality to the space. Customizing your new home in this small way gives you a sense of ownership and creates a brand new memory for you to look back on. Choose colors that complement the overall design of your home and make you feel happy.

A new house should be much more than just a place to sleep, shower, and have meals in. By incorporating things that make you feel warm, comfortable, safe, and happy whenever you are in the space, you can make any house feel like home, sooner rather than later.

4 Common Bathroom Renovations Traps to Avoid

Bathrooms are typically the smallest room in the house. But they tend to be one of the most expensive to renovate. When done properly, it can be a worthwhile investment as it can increase the value of your home. The right tradespeople and careful planning always lead to quality bathroom renovations. So whatever you need—whether it’s waterproofing, installing mosaic tiles, or adding new fixtures—it’s always best to enlist the help of qualified renovators.


Here are some common remodelling traps bathroom renovations Eastern Suburbs experts would like to warn you about.


Trap #1: Not spending enough or spending too much


The overall style and layout of your home, as well as your specific needs, all play an important role when renovating your bathroom. However, you need to understand that your bathroom renovation project all boils down to how much you can afford. Stick to your budget. Avoid overspending, as this will set you back financially.


Likewise, don’t scrimp too much if you still have some left on your budget. It’s good to be thrifty, but too much of it can make your bathroom look cheap. Contracting the right tradespeople with the best price can help minimise your costs.


Trap #2: Buying everything new


Technically, this falls under the overspending category. But this is one of the most common mistakes homeowners make when remodelling their bathroom that it deserves its own category. Avoid tearing all your fixtures out and replacing them with new ones. Aside from being very expensive, it will also take a lot of time and effort to finish.


Quality bathroom renovations are not solely dependent on how new the fixtures are. Many of the existing ones in your bathroom may only need a fresh coat of paint to look brand new again.


Trap #3: Hiring the wrong tradespeople


You will find many handymen or tradespeople on the internet promising full renovation services for unbelievably low prices. It’s only normal to want to save money wherever possible, so you may be tempted to hire one of them. But the people doing the renovation is not one of the things you should scrimp on.

As they say, experience is the mother of all knowledge. So, make sure to hire tradespeople who are insured, licensed, and experienced in bathroom renovations. Likewise, electrical and plumbing works should be done by specialised professionals.


Trap #4: Choosing style over function


Everyone wants a stylish bathroom, and it’s not a bad thing. But you need to understand that styles and trends come and go. What’s trendy now may not be that fashionable next year. You don’t want to renovate again after just a year. Right? So, avoid prioritising it over function and convenience. Quality bathroom renovations should put emphasis on functionality and style that will age reasonably well over time.


Concluding thoughts


There’s nothing wrong with wanting to DIY things. You can do your own cosmetic renovations, such as painting the storage shelves or replacing the tiles and grout. For more complicated renovations involving plumbing, electrical wiring, and waterproofing, it is best to hire skilled and experienced tradespeople.


MW Homes have more than 30 years of experience under their belt when it comes to bathroom renovations. They also offer one of the best bathroom renovators Melbourne Eastern Suburbs residents can recommend.

Best golf breaks at La Manga Golf

Creating consistency and trust in your golf match-up starts by first making a superior comprehension of how the structure of the golf club influences the conduct of your golf balls. Each golf club has incredible resilience and is intended to assist you with dealing with speed, revolution and ball speed. Your main responsibility is to utilize the golf club appropriately, which is to utilize it so that you continually assault the golf shots that you are happy with; more often than not. Be that as it may, as you definitely know, this is unquestionably a test, given the measure of clashing data you need to locate the most ideal approach to utilize the golf club appropriately. Now the book a golf break at La Manga Golf resort is available with options are here.

We as a whole need to hit the ball better and figuring out how to apply the standards of golf swing will assist you with creating consistency and certainty. Advocates of golf swing follow the rules that I accept will assist you with hitting the golf ball all the more immovably and assemble more certainty on the golf seminar consistently.

Control the point of the golf shaft as it assaults the golf ball

Understanding the connection between the top of the golf club or the finish of the strike and the handle, or consummation when the golf club hits the golf ball, starts to control the speed. The golf shaft may have a great time in it. The pole may lean forward towards the objective, it might not have any leanness, or it might lean in reverse from the objective. When utilizing iron or wood we in a perfect world need to twist the golf shaft marginally forward in light of the fact that the golf ball leaves the clubber face.

Attempt to hit your golf shots as low as conceivable by punching the golf shots until you move your chest area towards the objective until the golf ball leaves the fade. Work on shooting golf shots under low tree limbs and hedges and spotlight on hitting the ball before it lands. You may have seen that PGA Visit experts regularly use animation shots when they carry their perspective to green.

Control the club quick point as the club head assaults the golf ball

When you hit the golf ball, Club Fas can be in one of three circumstances. It very well may be available to the objective line, square to the objective line or shut to the objective line. It is useful to realize that the impact of the golf club ought not to be square yet very open. The way to accomplishing this is to ensure that when you apply it to the handle, your hands contact it so the weight is behind the handle rather than upwards. The best model I can give you is to envision you are moving a shopping basket or yard trimmer and consider where your hands are on the handles. The most grounded position of your hands is behind the handle when you push the article forward. This is the same in a golf club where there is pressure on the rear of the golf ball.


Learning the Basics of Plumbing and Its Importance

Plumber Plumbing Pipes Tubing

Ryde, a suburb of New South Wales in Australia, is the administrative zone of the local government area in the Northern Sydney region. It rests on the north edge of the Parramatta River. It may be a suburb, but the city has traffic issues and a wide range of residential and retail structures. Hence, there’s still a balance in the location having access to suburban lifestyle and daily conveniences.

Despite the surge of people from everywhere, the place doesn’t run out of retail opportunities and recreational facilities available. But like in any other area in the region, whether residential or business, buildings need decent plumbing in Ryde. Everyone needs a water supply, and failure to maintain the pipes means dirty water in the entire building.

How Does Plumbing Work?

The plumbing system is pretty straightforward; it has an interlacing mesh of pipes and valves, where the water runs into them before reaching the glass or shower. In regular houses, there are two types of systems, water supply, and drain-water vent system. The former carries clean water to the house and is highly dependent on pressure. Water sources are mainly from wells and city water. The main pipe, the biggest of them all, brings the city water into the house. Issues with this connection may cause serious ramifications such as hefty fines and civil lawsuits.

On the other hand, households who don’t have access to city water get their supply from wells. It requires pumping the water into the house at high pressures. Otherwise, it will not reach the highest or furthest part of the room. When low pressure occurs, running faucets and showers are the commonly affected areas. Leaks and blockages are the causes of such water issues, and they require reliable plumbing in Ryde. There may be re-piping needed, and thus it is best to leave it to the experts.

Bridges Fixtures

The interwoven plumbing system may appear overwhelming, but they do somehow meet in one place, which plumbers call as bridges fixtures. These bridges are all over the house. For ordinary people, they know them as faucets, sinks, washing machines, to name a few. Basically, it is the point of water use. As the clean water goes into the machine, wastewater exits. Drainage system heavily depends on the gravity to empty the home of wastewater. It has three major components, drain pipes, traps, and vents.

Maintaining The Draining System

Clogging is one of the significant issues related to drainage systems; grease and hair are the usual causes. To prevent such issues, regular cleaning of plugs is a must. Leaks are also annoying problems that cause mould infestations, stinky rooms, and damp ceilings. These are typical tell-tale signs which homeowners should not ignore.

When leaks don’t get resolved immediately, it can result in serious structural damage. Consult a contractor who does plumbing in Ryde to check if there are leaks somewhere in the house. The piping is hard to locate because it’s usually hidden. Let the professionals handle the fixing to avoid making it worse.

Plumbing can either make or break a building structure. Proper maintenance ensures the high value of the house. Also, keeping a reliable plumbing system safeguards the home from allergenic mould. Some homeowners take plumbing problems for granted and end up selling their house due to massive mould problems. Hence, doing regular plumbing checkups is a must.


4 Factors to Consider Before Getting a Loading Platform Hire

A loading platform is a type of construction equipment that transfers cargo and heavy materials of high-rise buildings during the construction of upper floors. This type of equipment is also known as temporary platforms. During the 1990s, most platforms were fixed or non-retractable. The materials used are composed of scrap materials. Hence, the likelihood of accidents or injuries is bound to happen. It also made it difficult for the worker to close the outside walls of the building as the platform blocked the area. The retractable loading platform breakthrough has made it simple for the builders to remove the platform and secure the structure. It led to many companies to get a loading platform hire for their building construction.

Essential Points to Consider when Getting a Loading Platform Hire

Before you get a loading platform hire, there are many considerations that you should take into account. You need to ensure that the safety of everyone, workers and the public, should be at the forefront during construction. The essential points raised can guide you whether your construction company is ready to hire a loading platform or not.

  • Height

Since your workers are exposing themselves to high places, they should be aware of the safe practices that they need to perform to avoid accidents. They need proper training regarding the best practices during construction to minimize risks. Your workers also need training on the correct use of harnesses. The training should include the perils involved and how they can avoid such incidents from happening.

Also, workers need training on how to use the harness properly. They must understand that the harness can provide extra protection to the worker. The workers must understand its correct use so that they will not take their safety for granted.

  • Logistics Site

You must plan and schedule the areas that need the installation of the loading platform. Inform your logistic manager, if there are other potential hazards or lifting equipment where installation of the platform is assigned, otherwise work on other areas first. For safety purposes, do not install the platform where other personnel lifts are. You can get the loading platform hire, once the area that needs working is clear of other loading equipment.

  • Installation

Check the proper installation of the equipment before the employees can use the platform. Make sure that the on-site engineers or person-in-charge know how to relocate and install the platform correctly. Some construction companies provide their personnel when you plan to get a loading platform hire. It is to ensure the safekeeping of both the people using the platform and the equipment.

  • Training

Training your workers on the proper use of the loading platform is very important. They also need training on the correct maintenance of the platform. If the platform is not well-maintained, it might lead to rusting, thus, affecting its durability.

While working on a construction, loading platforms are relocated and installed repeatedly. Therefore, before you rent out a loading platform hire, your workers should familiarize the use of the platform. The construction company where you are renting the platform can also provide training before you use the machinery.

The transformation of loading platforms from non-retractable and retractable made a significant contribution to construction companies. It has improved their work efficiency, as well as saved time and money. Now, you can get your work done, especially in high places.


Get Rid of ‘The Chair’ and Keep Your Clothes in the Closet

We all know ‘the chair’. It’s where we put our clothes that are too dirty for the closet but too clean for the laundry hamper. Sometimes the pile gets so high that we no longer reuse the ones on ‘the chair’ and they eventually end up in the laundry. A cluttered bedroom makes a cluttered mind as well. Focusing on tasks is difficult if we see so much mess in our surroundings. So, once and for all, let’s get rid of ‘the chair’ and start cleaning up our bedroom.

Reserve a space in your wardrobe

Having a small bedroom and closet is no excuse to keep it cluttered; you should keep it organised all the more. If you have a big closet, you can reserve space on one side for the used clothes that are too clean for the laundry. They can be jackets, pants, even shirts. Hang them like you would your fresh clothes, so you get more encouraged to reuse them before tossing into the laundry.

Get a new wardrobe

Does your current closet no longer hold everything you own? Maybe it’s time to think of having a fitted bedroom. Manchester bedroom fabricators can fit a custom wardrobe in your room so that everything will fit. You have a say in how many shelves and drawers to put, how high the rails should be to fit your long dresses, etc. They will cater to all your design ideas. You can also choose pre-designed ones if you don’t want the hassle of designing a closet from scratch. Make sure to have one corner for worn clothes that you still plan on wearing before washing.

Wear and wash

If you don’t want your bedroom chair to be covered with clothes, you can consider a wear-and-wash technique where you use one item and toss it in the laundry when you get home. This move will give more laundry to wash each week, but at least the clothes don’t pile up and still end up in the laundry after a month or so. For jackets that you only use as a layering piece, you can put them in a closet by your front door, so you can just grab them on your way out.

Hang up hooks

If you can’t avoid ‘the chair’ altogether, one alternative is to install hooks behind your door where you can hang your clothes for later use. Putting clothes on hooks is better than to see them touching the floor, hanging off the chair.

Keeping your bedroom clean and organised – especially your closet – is an excellent way to clear your mind when you need to focus on tasks like work. The secret to keeping your bedroom and wardrobe looking good is to declutter now and again. Do not wait for months to clean up, as you will have more to do. A few times a month is the best way to maintain the neat look of your bedroom. Keep in mind that the chair is not where you should put your worn clothes. It is where you sit to relax and work.



Refurbish Your Living Room With These 6 Flawless Ways

What is the first room people enter your house or any house, really? The drawing-room! This is the place where your house begins, and before people get inside your kitchen or bedroom, they would already have made their first impression of your home.

This is why it is so crucial to make a good living room.

Now, you do not have to be a professional interior designer to do justice to your house; you just have to check out the list we have made for you. We have combined 6 things, which can spice up any dull living room. Without any further small talk, let’s get to business.

The windows:

A properly ventilated underground hut is better than a giant castle with no windows. You need to get some fresh air, and thus, while planning the design of your living room, you should include various windows around it. You may think it would rather be intrusive for your privacy, but now you can find cool solutions for that in curtains and roman blinds. They don’t just shield you from the outside world but provide ventilation when needed.

The right furniture:

A woman, no matter how pretty, would always look much better with beautiful ornaments draped around her. That is exactly the case with a living room, and the right furniture is the right ornament any living room needs. You may go for a wood-based dining set or perhaps minimal steel chairs, depending on what your taste is. However, you should ensure that your furniture is convertible and doesn’t take in too much space.

The props:

Furniture is not supposed to be used as a prop! Props refer to artsy sculptures or light pieces that add more character to a place. You could go for bling chandeliers or simple light holders, whatever your style is, make sure your living room can expand that concept or your guests to soak in the vibe you want!

The plants:

Plants often make up for elegant yet useful props. Especially if you are someone who is drawn towards nature, make your own jungle! You could go for plants of all shapes and sizes. Want to spice up the “all-natural” look a bit more!? Go for seasonal flowering plants. You could also make use of hanging pots and reinvent your own vertical garden every few months.

Don’t forget to water them, and you should ideally face those pots in the east where they can receive ample sunlight. With a little splash of green in your living room, you would never run out of vibrancy or oxygen!

The colour scheme:

Now that we are juxtaposing green into the living room, why not play with more colours. If you are more introverted, you should go for a pastel shade. If you are more extroverted, you will find your home becoming the grounds for various group hangouts, night stays, and parties. In that case, your house should be all shades of vibrancy. Add some red, yellow, blue, and pink. Do not be afraid to experiment with posters too. The right poster on the right wall can make it a great selfie spot.

The flooring:

They say, your feet are the first thing people notice about you. So naturally, the floor isn’t too far from your guests’ gaze. You want to impress them with a beautiful floor. If you re more grounded, you should play with ceramic tiles and wooden flooring. However, if you love your quirks, why not play with optical illusions.

Not just that, you should also maintain your floor, keeping the best standards of neatness in mind. A dirty floor can turn your visitors off regardless of the creativity you have put in.