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Home Decor SAMODRA Toilet Bidet Ultra-Slim Bidet Toilet Seat Attachment With Brass Inlet Adjustable Water Pressure Bathroom Hygienic Shower

SAMODRA Toilet Bidet Ultra-Slim Bidet Toilet Seat Attachment With Brass Inlet Adjustable Water Pressure Bathroom Hygienic Shower

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  • Spary Type: Horizontal
  • Origin: CN(Origin)
  • Tap hole: 2 Holes
  • Certification: NONE
  • Faucet Tapping: 2 Holes
  • Model Number: Bidet Attachment
  • Installation Type: Floor Mounted
  • Brand Name: SAMODRA
  • Item Weight: 880g
  • Package Size: 44.5cm x 27.8cm x 7.9cm
  • Color: White/silver
  • Bidet material: ABS
  • Hose material: Stainless steel
  • Water inlet: Brass
  • T-adapter material: Brass
  • Feature 1: Easy to install;Easy to use
  • Feature 2: Ultra-thin;Adjustable Water Pressure
  • Dual Nozzles: Rear wash and feminine wash
  • Water temperature: Cold only
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Included Components:Ultra-Slim Bidet + Braided Hose(85cm) + Brass T-adapter + Fixing Plates + Rubber Washer +installation instruction + one year warranty
Why Choose SAMODRA Ultra-Slim Bidet Attachment?
(1)Rotation switch: Elderly and children can also easily use bidets to get ideal intensity
(2)Ultra-thin Design: Only 0.19inch ultra-thin design, and 50%thinner than other competing products.
(3)Dual Spray Nozzles: Bidet attachment features dual nozzles for two spray modes
Nozzle Guard Gate: Retractable nozzles to provide double protection and maximum cleanliness
(4)Brass Water Inlet: more closely matched with braided steel cold water hose to reduce thread wear.
(5)SAMODRA: We will strive to provide everyone with the best products and the best service
1.Multi Functional Comfortable Bidet
It includes two modes: Rear wash (strong water pressure) and Feminine wash (relatively weak water pressure)
The Feminine mode is gentler than the rear spray, providing a soft mist spray for feminine wash.
The Rear wash delivers a powerful spray that anyone can use regardless of gender to quickly achieve the highest level of cleanliness, enjoy the maximum comfort instead of coarse toilet paper.
2.Ultra-thin Design
After continuous improvement and optimization, the 0.19 inch thick ultra-thin bidet is finally designed, which is 60% thinner than the traditional bidet with a thickness of 0.47 inch. The ultra-thin bidet is compatible with most two-piece standard toilets. When the bidet is installed on the toilet, it will be more coordinated and there will be no amazing gap. The bidet will be well integrated with the toilet.
3.Adjustable water pressure&Easy to use
Rotate to the left or right, it can adjust and control the water pressure while starting the bidet, the greater the angle of rotation, the greater the water pressure.which is very convenient.
4.Nozzle protection design
When the bidet is in use, the nozzle extends downward to spray water, and the nozzle automatically shrinks to its original position after being closed. Protect the nozzle to the greatest extent, and ensure to provide a cleaning conditions during use.
5.High Quality Accessories
Now the bidet is generally ceramic valve, the service life is limited. In order to prolong the use time, giving full play to the maximum value of the bidet, SAMODRA has a comprehensive upgrade of the bidet. Frist, the interior is upgraded to brass valve and brass water inlet. Second, the fittings were also changed to brass T-type adapters, braided steel cold water hose instead of traditional plastics.

6.Care for family
It is not only a special product for people who love clean, but also a care for pregnant women and the elderly who are unable to move!

Easy to install, only four steps:

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