Sofa Bed Cover: Giant Fluffy Bean Bag Cover

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This bean bag cover is simply amazing. You can use it anywhere in your house including the bedroom, family room, and living room. The instant you jump in it you want to either nap or sleep because it is so fluffy and comfortable. Remember that this cover is specifically for a giant bean bag bed. Check out the sofa bed cover below.

Whether you want a blue sofa slipcover or a gray couch slipcover, we have it all here below. Pick the color you think will make your floor sofa bed and room amazing. The colors to choose from are black, dark gray, light gray, sky blue, orange, rose red, wine red, and white. Start enjoying your naps and sleep much longer with a sofa bed. Buy this cover and things will really get better.

I have my own bean bed and I love changing the color of it all the time. Having various covers not only allows you to change the color of your couch, but allows you to have a temporary one. This could be useful when someone accidently stains your cover and you need one for just a day or two while the other one is washed.

Specifications: Sofa Bed Cover

  • Fabric: Fur
  • Package: Just bean bag cover, no fillings included
  • Colors: Shown below
  • Shipping: Free (via FedEx or UPS)

Photos: Sofa Bed Cover

Extra Information

In conclusion, I hope you enjoyed reading about covers for your giant bean bag bed. Finally, check some other available products like this one on our shopping page.

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153x65cm black, 153x65cm dark gray, 153x65cm orange, 153x65cm rose red, 153x65cm sky blue, 153x65cm wine red, 183x90cm, 183x90cm black, 183x90cm blue, 183x90cm dark gray, 183x90cm light gray, 183x90cm orange, 183x90cm purple, 183x90cm purple-10, 183x90cm rose red, 183x90cm sky blue, 183x90cm white, 183x90cm wine red, 183x90cm yellow, 183x90cm yellow-200005536, 183x90cm-94, 183x90cmlightbrown, darkbrown183x90cm

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